Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ms Doodle Rides In To California; ATCs to Trade

I am the proud owner of an original work of art by CestAndrea/Ms Doodle in the form of this "Cowgirl Tee-shirt"...Andrea was sweet in sending me not only the shirt I ordered but two postcards bearing her wonderful artwork, a card of her art, a Miss Doodle Square, and two French lace doilies from her step daughter's grandma! I am so happy with my purchase and plan to wear it this weekend to the Whole Earth Festival. (I think it's kind of funny that the words on the T-shirt say: "Problems? Call Miss Doodle!" Since I am a licensed counselor and people do call ME with their problems!) The next four ATCs are my most recent creations on cloth, Let's call them: #1 Daisy and Butterfly traded to Cris #2 Gone Crazy with Thread Painting Traded to Mim #3 Lightening storm Traded to Julie #4 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Traded to Lisa Do Let me know if you'd like to trade!


  1. Would LOVE to trade - how about #2???? they are all beautiful.

  2. Hi Lynn! The only ATC that you might like from me is shown HERE. It is nothing compared ot your ATC's here, which are just stunning...but I sewed a card on the machine using a different bobbin color from top thread and it came out kinda sweet! I am not much of a sewing person, but I would love to trade if you want to! Send me your e-mail to a comment on my blog, and I won't publish it, but will send you my snail mail, if you want to!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. Your ATC's are Outrageous. I love every one of them. I would be honored to trade if you see an atc on my blog that you like. Or I could do something special for your if you give me a hint.

    I really like Ms Doodle too. I wear my cowboy boots every once in a while. The little girl still emerges occasionally. Yahoooooo

  4. Oh I like the butterfly and Flower ATC. How cute these turned out. I love the Miss Doodle T shirt. I liked the leaf one at first but now I think I like the Cowgirl best. How cute you will look at the Earth Fare. You could put your phone number of work on it. LOL
    Wonder how many will see it and want one.

  5. Mim, #2 is yours, I'll send it out with your card order (but I need you to tell me your final # of cards please so I can do THAT!!!!
    LOL Are you not getting all my emails?)

    Julie, do you have a particular one you want or am I to choose for you?

    Lisa, which one do you want? I am coming to see yours now too. ;-)

    Cris, okay, I am sending you #1 the flower and butterfly! It's yours,

    I guess they are all gone now.
    That went fast. I will have to make some more!

  6. Beautiful! And i love the details!
    So colourful too....

  7. jeez I have to catch up on my visiting!! I love all of these atc's Lynn. Your work is so colorful and textural. Let me know when you make more...I want to trade!!

  8. I love the Ms. Doodle T. I will have to check out more of her art work. It looks like so much fun. Your ATC's very cool. Your thread painting and stitching is very whimsical.

  9. man oh man i missed these too, will keep a careful eye on your next ones, i wanna trade some more too...

  10. Lynn- any of your creations would be great!

  11. Lynn, I'm glad the shirt arrived well and that you like it. And your ATC's are wonderful. I really love the one of which you made a second "edition" which is on your today's post. The one with the white background and coloured dots:)
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    (I'm still in Germany, and we're off to NYC tomorrow morning)
    take care

  12. Your ATCs are wonderful. Nice that you can repurpose the dryer stuff. I do a scavenger hunt on Wetcanvas and we have sketched dryer lint but I've never used it for art. Hmmmm. Maybe some day.


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