Sunday, May 3, 2009

Humbly I share...

Last night was the reception and awards for the 32nd Annual Juried Art Show. It was my second juried show experience. I told you that I had volunteered at the day of the judging. This night honored all who had participated, placed and awards were given out. My brother came from out of town to support me. I talked to lots of the artists, as I have gotten to know several since joining the league last year at this time. I felt much more a part of the group than before. We had a nice turn out, it did not rain, and it was a lot of fun. I was the official front door greeter. I felt like I was auditioning for a job at Wal Mart! But truthfully, I enjoyed my job. I got to welcome everyone to the show, and received lots of appreciation for holding the door which I did from 7-8 PM. At eight we gathered outside and the mayor was there to hand us awards and posed for photos with each winner. What a kick! The photos below show my part in it all. There was a lot of very very good art in this show and I am honoured to be among these terrific artists.


  1. oh lynn, I feel so proud! like a mother! i was the first person who commissioned you to make a quilt, so i am the honoured one, as i actually own one of yours, and personally stitched with love and understanding,it is now a family heirloom and will go to maggie one day.... i am going to post about it and show it today again, in honour of your extreme talent and 'joie de vivre'. heratiest congrats to you for this, richly deserved.

  2. Wow Lynn best in show and a 1 st place!!!!
    But most important you enjoyed everything about it, from the making of your beautiful pieces to holding the door. You rock!
    enjoy your Sunday!

  3. How wonderful Lynn...well done you :o) And well deserved too!

  4. Yippee!! I'm so pleased for you, you really really deserve it. Not often have I met (!) such an enthusiastic and deserving artist!!
    Well done, I'm so happy for you

  5. you are just amazing! Congrads on your awards - I am SO impressed!!!!

  6. Yay! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and the tale of your day!

  7. Oh my goodness. congrats and hugs three awayrds!!! you are fab. glad your brother came to support you. nice acknowledgement. bravo and a toast to you.

  8. OMG Lynn, You WON 3 AWARDS and you kept this secret? Isnt that Patty below? CONGRATS. YOU DESERVE IT BIG TIME!! Yes I guess it was a fun evening. :)))

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! You cleaned up! I really like all three of these works, but especially Living Green. Isn't it nice to have your work validated like that? So cool.

  10. OH MY GOD!!! Thats so wonderful Lynn!!!
    You are Terrific!!!
    3 Awards..thts so....(short of words)!!!!!

    [Are you holding a party???]

  11. Yay Lynn! I'm so happy for you, though not surprised at all--

    So proud of you!

  12. wow Congrats Lynn ! what a wonderful show and your work is so beautiful.You deserve all the awards and accolades.
    And you know what I also have one for you. Please do accept:)

  13. I'm so excited for you, congratulations!

  14. Yes, Soul you were/are my first and I laugh at your Mother comment...but that is exactly how it felt yesterday with best friend Patty, My brother, and now you and all the friends here congradulating me on my wins...just like a GOOD MOMMY being Proud of her kid excelling. It tickles me pink to know Maggie will get the handmedown art quilt that "auntie Lynnie" made her Grandie! Thank you for everything.

    Marianne, thanks to you too. Yes, the door holding was a highlight for sure! It really was. I felt like Loretta Young, the grand hostess! ;~)

    Angela, thank you. Nice from another art quilter.

    Jude, your kind words spin my head!
    thank you.

    Mim, I appreciate your comments. Hugs.

    Teri and Cats, glad you liked my story.

    Suki, thank you a bunch. Yes, having my brother there made it extra special. He was so supportive and complimentary about all my artwork...I even showed him my attempts at drawing and paints.

    Cris, yes, I did keep a secret even from you! But I wanted to save it until after the fact. Yes, that is Patty, taken on Friday the day before.

    Kelly, thank you so much for coming to see! Glad you like Living Green. Me too. ;~)I'm very proud of her hanging there. I told who ever would listen about the repurposed dryer sheet leaves too. LOL

    Deepartz...a party, no. I am resting today...floating so high means ground time the next day...getting my feet back to level ground. Thanks for your words.

    Karen, thanks. Another someone I made proud. Ah shucks. Love it.

    Pea thank for your comments and award. So appreciated.

    Sue, thanks for coming to both blogs today and leaving comments. I appreciate it.

    I really appreciate ALL OF YOU, your kind words, your support, your belief in me, the inspiration I gain from YOU all the time.
    What a wonderful world of sharing we have created here. How blessed we all are.

  15. Whooo Hooooo.... Congrats Lynn. You were so nervous about even getting into the show. I knew they would appreciate your work. Well Done!!!!

  16. Didn't you do well and very much deserved. Your peices are lovely

  17. Congratulations, Lynn! Your work is creative and beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience.

  18. Lisa, thanks, I was!

    Judith, thank you so much.

    Diane, thanks for coming by to see and for your kind comments.

  19. Wow, Lynn congratulations! How exciting. I haven't been over in a couple days. so exciting to see your awards and great art!

  20. How marvellous for you and such work too. You will be floating on a cloud now. I used to feel like that at the end of the run of a play or show I was in. Well done and fantastic for you to have your family there too.

  21. Lynn, congratulations to best in show and 1st place! Wonderful, and also to be part of it all and get to know the other artists,
    I send you a big hug!


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