Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Invasion of...

Dinner anyone?


  1. All my seedlings have been eaten by these horrid things.
    How anyone can eat them,I've no idea,there are women collecting them every morning here, yuk.....

  2. oh noooooooooooo
    oh what great photos.

  3. I am both facinated by these slugs and repulsed - something about them is SO odd to me. When I was a kid we used to collect them and make them have "races" and squish the losers. We were little horrors for sure. I would not eat them - no way, no how.

    I have the shivers from the pictures....

  4. Whoa! These fellers are mighty healthy looking!!! They are just everywhere!!!

  5. LOL Snail bait anyone?? Do you have any flowers left?

  6. funny little creatures. love that last photo the best.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Last year we picked a carrier bag of snails from our small garden. The Greeks love them. They purge them in flour and then cook them. I have not tried them but my hubby has and he says they taste like chicken only a bit more chewy. Have you tried them?

  8. Love the snails, Lynn. Gosh I never would have thought that they could have so much personality. You capture it here! Poor snail...they have to die or they kill the garden...I always have a problem with that...silly? I found you from Sukipoet. I like your work-the owl photo that Suki posted is so charming...adorable.

    I will add you to the blogs I follow I can keep up with your post and get to know you a bit.

    Please check out Oasis Writing Link blog...did you notice it is OWL? (a symbol for my mother)

    Take care and congrats on the beautiful work here. <3

  9. I wondered what the reaction to these photos would be and YOU all have not disappointed me! ;-)
    We had had a brief rain fall and they just came out in droves.

    No, I do not nor have I ever ate them.

    I do not smash them either, but I do throw them away from my flowers.

    I love the looks of them, especially their shells.

    Thanks for all these great comments!

  10. EEEKKK YUCK!!! We have all sand where we are in Wisconsin so never have this problem!!! Thank goodness.

    Great photos though.

  11. YUCK, I don't want to eat them. I don't want them in my garden. Yet, I find them facinating. Have you noticed on European blogs that their snails have beautiful shells? Ours have such dull boring looking shells. Destructive little buggers anyway.

  12. They're cute! But judging from the comments they seem to be pests. How do people know they are edible? Are all snails the edible kind? Snails aren't pests here. I've never seen so many all at once. I was living with a friend once and we used to get invasions of slugs in our garden and they would also come into the house. Slugs are like the body of the snail without the shell. Those are annoying! They end up everywhere.

  13. I love these pictures, they have a story and you have told it well. Now do I have a love for these little creatures, not really...I don't hate them, I don't have any of them here in Idaho. So I don't have any kind of realationship with this.... (is it a bug)? I have been asked if I would eat one, and I am not going to do that.
    Love your pictures, mary

  14. Yes I would like escargots for a starter Lynn :) (with garlic butter)
    I find them fascinating. We have them here too and I just let them be.
    I have bought a few dalhias and they are target, that means dalhias are not for my garden. There is still plenty left!

    have a nice snailsless Sunday!

  15. Yuck! but how fascinating to see so many. Did they know they were the dinner?

  16. Great pictures Lynn, they are such amazing creatures!


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