Thursday, May 21, 2009

Late Night Blogging...Art Shots of Last Weekends Journey "Shapes"


  1. Lynn,

    My first visit enjoyed your work and photos.

  2. love the building with the rust and that painting (drawing?) - such a rich look and of course the last ATC - just gorgeous!

  3. love all your shapes photos and yr little artwork too

  4. What interesting shapes and colors you have here and I love the sunflower beginnings.

  5. oops, that doesnt look like a sunflower. more like an flower ATC.

  6. Judy, come again.
    I tried to find your blog to no avail. Is there one?

    Mim, I loved that side of buidling too! And that is an oil painting I think, maybe acrylic...very thick paint/texture; glad you liked my felted ATC.

    Suki, thanks.

    Cris, right, a flower, but not "the sunflower"... ;-)

  7. Great pictures Lynn,
    I put a Kitties ATC in the envelop as well!
    Shall I leave it open for a few more days........? (just kidding ;p)
    It is wonderful to see how this ATC virus got to all of us. I think it is such a possitive exchange of art and friendship!

    Have a nice day!

  8. This is the first time I have gotten in here. Blogger was really acting up, but looks like everyone else got here okay.

    I love all these artistic shots!!!

  9. Marianne, I imagine there is never a good time to close the envelop, however, we can always make more treks to the post office with future ATCs. I love doing it.

    Teri, I heard you knocking. So glad you finally found your way in.

  10. what a great lot of building photos. love them all, so glad to get a view into you and your world so often.

  11. Really beautiful photos and art pieces lynn. I like all because of their uniqueness in colours and the cool details behind!


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