Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cris's Wonderful Art; My New Stamping and Resulting ATCs and HAW!

Monday's snail mail brought me ATCs from Cris, Artist in Oregon. See her art at: out her slide show of her paintings! I LOVE this photo card she sent with them. The painting on the card is by Cris. I had the priviledge to see it in person when I visited her home last summer. I thought it was a photograph when I saw it hanging on her wall. It is so realistic! But it's not, it is an extrodinary oil painting by Cris. Thank you Cris for sending me a copy of your wonderful painting. No one will be much surprised that I chose this jar of buttons ATC by Cris! It reminded me of a tin of buttons she gave me at that same visit, and which I used on a quilt I have yet to show here (but will near the end of June). And this Pink Coneflower grabbed my heart as well. Isn't all her art just terrific? Thanks again Cris for your generous trades and shares. I'll add this ATC to my trading slide (under my banner)... I made it using the stamp I carved out of a piece of styrofoam the other day. Same stamped ATC but this time with watercolors added. And finally you can see the stamp itself, the stamp pads (ColorBox Acid Free Ink) and the finished ATC. Lest I not forget it is Animal Wednesday...we saw these critters on our weekend jaunt along the Delta... Happy animal Wednesday


  1. Great stamp!

    Bet it was fun opening up Cris's work!

  2. Oh good you got the ATCs and card. I forgot that I sent them. They look better then on my blog. Did you photograph them or scan them? I think my scanner makes things fade out and doesnt show the color. Glad you liked them.
    Your stamped flowers are wonderful and you made the stamp. you should show it. Would be interesting to see.

  3. Chris's art is wonderful!! Lucky you :)

    I really like the styrafoam stamp. Clever girl!!

    And great photos...HAW!!!

  4. Cori, thanks, fun to make.
    Yes, it was great fun opening Cris' work. it is so beautiful!!!

    Cris, I photographed your art to show. And I did show the stamp: it is in the photo with the ATC and the stamp pads!!! Look again! ;~)

    Lolo, Yes, I am lucky to have some of Cris' wonderful art I agree!
    Glad you liked the stamp too. Fun and easy to make.

  5. how wonderful to add more of Cris' work to your collection. you are so clever to make the stamp. like the way it turned out.

  6. That painting of Cris' is wonderful!! I have one of her ATCs also and they are so neat.

    I am going to let you pick out my ATCs and surprise me. I know you will know what I want. The kitties are purring and waiting for their new home so I will send them on their way tomorrow. Thanks for adopting them.

    HAW also.

  7. Wow, you have been busy. I like the idea of making a stamp out of styrofoam. Your atc came out great. Love the birdies, and the lobster. HAW.

  8. GREAT Atc's and wow on the stamps.

    HAW to you

  9. Thanks all for your kudos for my stamp! It will be a highlight on my lastest quilted art hanging.

    Yes, Cris' art is stupendous! We all agree!!! Three cheers for Cris. She has a terrific slide show on her blog of all her paintings! Worth the five cents admission fee. Just kidding it's FREE!!!

  10. Careful Lynn, 'Cris' is going to get a big head here. LOL
    My humble Thanks for your lovely compliments here. :))

  11. Cris, that would be just as it should be! So take it in and enjoy the truth!

  12. wow i am behind on comments. these are truly lovely, i have that one print of cris's too we are so lucky aren;t we? love da stamping, no no more for no.........i will not try that too.....


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