Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Work: Sun Flower for Blooming Tuesday; and "A" is for "Ah, Says The Alligator".

On Saturday, while in Davis, I saw a postcard advertising an art show there. The art has to incorporate a sunflower in it. So I came home on Sunday and preceded to create a sunflower. I wanted to use my felting machine and some wool roving I bought on Saturday at a toy store. (It is imported from Germany). I also used my last of my acrylic dyed drier sheets for the leaves and stem. There is some cotton fabric felted into felt on the petals and wool roving in the center, Then it is all top sewn free motion style. The border is tissue paper. I just grab what is laying around and it was so I used it. It's not quite done but I am showing it off now anyway. It is 9 1/2" X 11 1/2" in size. I like the way it looks and feels so far. Not positive I'll enter it in that show, but maybe??? Happy Blooming Tuesday~ Click on photos to enlarge to see details. Teri C. started a new challenge and ten of us have agreed to play/participate. We are to make an ABC/ATC each week starting with the letter "A" and a picture to denote an "A" word; and rotate who we send it to according to a list Teri has created. So we get an ATC from a different person each week, and send one to someone new each week as well. My "A" ATC is called: "Ah, said the alligator!" Granted his snout is a bit long and this is not an official ATC size... So, I have made it so the snout folds back and it is then exactly the right ATC size! A fabric foldout ATC!!!! Alligator is made using green wool roving machine felted onto a piece of blue felt; then top sewn free motion style to outline and embellish. His eye has some yellow wool roving too. His snout made later on with wool roving felted on to cotton batting. Mine goes to Marianne this week.


  1. HOLEY MOLEY!!! there is just no end to your creativity!! Yes, you MUST enter your sunflower-it is wonderful.

    And the A just about knocked my socks off!!! The first fold-out ATC in history!!! Only you would create something like this! AWESOME!!

    Happy A

  2. very 'snappy' atc Lynn!! I love your sewn ones the best! Maybe you can keep that in mind when you get my name ;)

    Teri should see how many shapes atc's come in as long as they fold to the official size. I have some that open like altars! They're packed away somewhere though.

  3. Teri is right, There is no end to your talent and creativity. Wow. That is a fantastic Sunflower. Also the Alligator with the fold over nose. Wouldnt that be great in real life, when it went to bite you it folded in and couldnt. :))
    Of course it couldnt eat either. LOL

  4. Tee Hee!!!!!
    And so funny and inventive! An ATC which you can fold out!
    Love it Lynn!
    Lucky me!

    Thank you!!!!!

  5. Teri, thanks for kudos about the sunflower. It is growing more.
    Glad I knocked your socks off with the folded ATC. I thought I was being inventive, but Lolo says here that it's nothing new, done all the time. Who knew? She did! LOL

    I will try to do only Fabric ATCs for the ABC group LOLO.

    Cris thanks and you are too funny.

    Marianne, please feed him regulary and take good care of him. It was hard for me to let him go, just glad he is going to such a welcoming home.

  6. Okay, so I sat here WAY too long enjoying your slide shows! Beauteous!!

    Now that I read Lolo's comments-I am so surprised. People are so darn creative. And I thought your were the leader! Makes me stop and think more about fold-outs............hmmmmm

  7. ooooh that sunflower is fabadabadoo. so is mr croc....i can't wait to see what mine will be...wowie...lynnie, not sure what you mean asking about my two atc cards...e mail me with descriptions or the date on my blog that you saw them....we must definitely swap some more sister!

  8. these are quite wonderful. i just saw a lot of roving in the felting barn at Snow Farm and a bunch of felters having fun.

  9. Teri Thanks for taking the time to see my slideshows.
    I too was suprised to see I was not the first to create a folded ATC...LOL

    Thanks Terry,

    And Soul, I saw them on your slide show of ATCs...

    Suki, so nice to have you back again.

  10. That sunflower is gorgeous--you have to enter it!

    Love the alligator w/his fold-out-snout!

  11. Hey Lynn...has anyone asked for the felted sewn top sunflower on your top slide show???

    Also cards #3 and #4 of the fabric art stamped free motions sewing cards...on the next show...If not I would be interested in trading for all three...unless that's too many for one person...let me know:)

  12. Karen, thanks, the sunflower is still growing. I'll post more of it soon. I appreciate your encouragement regarding the show entry.

    Margaret Ann, you are the first to ask for those ATCs so they are yours. I am flattered that you want all three!!! Thank you! I have your address right?

  13. Immensely Creative!!! You are amazing, Lynn. Great work!

    Happy blooming Tuesday!
    Pls do chk out my BT post:)

  14. Thanks Lynn... I am so excited! :) Yes, you have my land addy...:)

  15. That fold out snout is such a great idea. I LOVE your sunflower!


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