Monday, May 18, 2009

Cactus Monday

These cactus knocked me out...we found them in Isleton, CA yesterday in our travels. You, like me, are going to have a hard time deciding if this post is for Cactus Monday or Blooming Happy Both Days! This was literally a WALL of Cactus and Roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted late yesterday so you MIGHT want to go back one post and see the photos I posted from our weekend fun. Enjoy and Happy Cactus Monday to everyone.


  1. OMG! How gorgeous! This would be a beautiful thing for me to do in my front yard! I am really going to give it some thought! Thanks for posting!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  2. WOW OH WOW!!!!!!!!! those cacti are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful find. You've got tons of photos to sketch cactus with now.


  3. lordy lordy they are fabadabadoo....happy cactus monday fellow cactuteer.

  4. Cactus and roses might be a strange combination but they do look lovely.

  5. GORGEOUS!!! My kind of Cactus.. with PINK flowers all over it. wow great photo.

  6. oh wow!!!!! I love the roses mixed in with the cactus. Stunning shots!!

    I just posted your ABC atc :)


  7. Wow! I really treasure all these cool images. Love the unique angle you had captured them.
    HCM Lynn:)

  8. Beautiful photos, Lynn! Love them all. It really is 2 in 1...cactus monday n blooming tuesday:)

    So happy both:)

  9. Wow what a fence!!!! Thorny but beautiful

  10. Lynn, I am amazed by the owls in your area ... how do you get such good pictures of them?

    Anyway - I got your package ... thanks so much. The pictures on the net don't do your work justice. Having your photography art in my hands is such a delight. They are beautiful!

    Thanks and I hope your weather is warm down there. Here in Alberta - we hopefully had our last "forecasted" snowfall!!!

  11. Thank you all I couldn't wait to share this cactus wall with you all.

    Roxanne, I use my Fuji Finepix s700 camera. The owls just sit there. We drive up slowly and park in front of them. This camera has a good lens and lets me get nice stills from a distance. And then I crop them to make them look even closer up!
    I am so glad you like the photo cards. Yes, they are much glosserier and brighter in person as you now know. Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy.


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