Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday and Sunday Rolled Into One

Yesterday we got up early and headed to Davis to hit some garage sales. I wanted to show photos of all the goodies I got, but I got side tracked with the day, coming home and needing/wanting to complete promised ATCs, and life. Surfice it to say I got lots of cool stuff: a wooden caddy for my scissors/pens/etc; beads for the kids; a ceramic art pin for me; Real Wool Roving from Germany in bright colors for felting; more ATC cards and other items from an art supply store, a binder and card pages for storing ATCS (yes, from a garage sale!!!); mats for photos, postage stamps from around the world; a suitcase on wheels $6/perfect condition; papers...I can't remember what all else...we had a great lunch out, salmon/bacon/tomato/fresh basil sandwiches; hit the thrift store here and came home...(sorry if you were expecting something more awesome than this (I was just too tired to write yesterday)...but now you have it all. Oh we saw the local burrowing owls again yesterday too. They were very nice about posing for photos too. Last night I stayed up late finishing about six or so ATCs promised to others. I was actually blurry eyed when I went to bed. They are all in envelops and ready to mail tomorrow. This morning I wanted to blog our day from yesterday, but DH said come on we are going for a ride...Brandon Island, Isleton, Walnut Grove, Locke...okay, I can sew later... Here are some interesting shots along our way...remember you can click to enlarge if you so desire... Loved this art shot in the water... ...and the ducks swimming by... Isleton is a tiny one street town we visited on our way to Locke. One thrift store (no buys) and some awesome Cacti and Roses I will show you tomorrow... You have to come is so worth it. In Locke's Visitors Center/Museum we had the honor of meeting Connie King. She is 84 years young and was our guide. She arrived in Locke in 1948. She did a great deal to make the town the cultural center that it is today. I loved listening to her...what an historic life she has led. This photo reminded me of my grandpa Abe (long time deceased)who in his younger years he had a sundries store for the farmers in the Delta area (in Stockton, California), work clothes, boots, hats, etc...and often times the farmers traded farm produce for clothes in payment to Grandpa. And many a Sunday he and Grandma Ella came to Vallejo to visit us with a crate of asparagus for our dinner! Stopped in the Chinese Cultural Center store for more Chinese Coins for my ATCs. I got a lot this time, as they were such a big hit with so many of you. DH and I visited the Chinese those desks look familiar to most of you? They sure did to me. Oh look who we ran into painting on the sidewalk...Martha Esh...plein air painting! I can't believe I missed this alley way last time. Loved the toilet planters. A stop in Walnut Grove for lunch and a visit with the sleepy cat who likes wicker. (And looks a lot like our Henry V.) Remember him last time in the yellow wicker chair? Today he chose the lavender couch. This is one of two ferry boat rides we took to cross the river on the way home. Caught myself in the act of taking photos...Oh that's me! My intreped traveler, trip planner, driver, guide, teacher, buddy, partner for life! On the way home, the last stretch...we see the windmills again, and I got to capture the old with the new...yesteryear and NOW! Happy Sunday!


  1. Thank You for the adventure! I love windmills....they always catch my eye. The toilets were interesting...and funny.
    Happy Spring, Mary

  2. Wow, what a super time you two had. thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed my trip.

  3. YOU FOUND AN ATC HOLDER??!!! yah! I need to find one. WOW, you got a lot of goodies and had a great day on top of it!! You almost have me convinced to go garage sailing...almost being the key word here :):)

    Great photos of some wonderfu sites and sights.

  4. You're an owl lady - always seeing owls. And yes, that cat looks a lot like Henry V. Did you ever give us the story of how you got Henry and how he got his name? I vaguely remember that you might have, but I'm not sure.

  5. Looks like a fun and busy day. Lots of photos here to see. Love the owl of course.. should be on a card. Love toilet row..LOL
    glad you got out and about this weekend good for inspiration but for some reason I dont think you need much, its rolling around you head constantly. Just give you a challange. :))

  6. That looks like it was a perfect day with your best buddy ;)
    I loved all the shots!

  7. Wow! So much to see:)
    Hey, I see you taking shots....a cool hat!

  8. what a wonderful weekend! loved the photos and the town shots and the owls! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  9. Wow Wonderful pictures Lynn!!!
    Did you notice on the sign of the Chinese centre there is also this coin?
    I just love the symbolic meaning of it! That's why I put it in the middle of my mandala.
    Love the table made of those asparagus boxes!
    Your ATC's are wonderful!!!
    And so is the 84 years old girl.
    Wonderful post this is

  10. Thanks all for coming on our trip with us. It was a teriffic day.

    Henry V got his name (Elspeth) first because he was BIG like a king and also because he is our fifth cat together (in our thirty years as a couple)...


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