Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

What started off as the weekend in the ER turned out to be a really fun and beautiful Mother's Day for my daughter and me. I bought her these fabric flowers made by blog friend and textile artist Terry Busse at the Whole Earth Fair earlier on Saturday morning... My daughter loved them! (More about Terry's art on Tuesday's Post) My grand kids and I did our usual art making together and my Gd-daughter insisted that I make a collage for "your daughter" so I did! My sweet little grand daughter did all the writing on the card for me! She could write everything by herself and only needed help in how to spell Grandma Lynnie. She can write I love you all by herself. My grandson got into the art making too and this drawing and frame he made himself for his mom. Here is is carefully writing To Mom, Love, A... Grand daughter is playing with the Grandma Lynnie and Grandpa Fred dolls I knit for them a year or more ago. She loves to dress them, and they got new sweaters this weekend. Mother and son in a loving moment Grand son and Grandpa looking at his baseball cards. Grandson knows all the names of the players and introduces most of them to his grand father. Grandpa and grandson play Grand daughter shows off the fabric and drawing art she made herself. the girl is standing on a hill. Grandson and Grandpa now shooting some hoops. A lot of blocking and laughter went on there. Grandpa got a real workout. Daughter braids her daughter's hair. Uncle looking on. Uncle looking much better than earlier in the day...Home from the hospital and feeling lots better, thank you all for your kind comments and concern. We had a lot of fun as you can see. While I was reading to the kids later before their bedtime both DH and my brother were sitting on either side of us sound asleep in chairs snoring away! They had had a long day. Needless to say, the kids went down easily and I was a very very very happy grandma after a long day too. We spent the night so we could check on my brother this morning, he was fine, just a little tired out from his ordeal. We went on to check out some art supply stores before coming home. More about that later: I cleaned up big time! Wait till you see!!!!


  1. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL weekend. minus the scare of your Brother. Was nice to see him in the photos to know he is doing ok.
    That GD of yours is getting very good with her Art. She might pass up Granny Lynn one day. But she will have to be very very good to do so. :))
    What did you find???? Cant wait to see.

  2. What a great ending!!!!
    Glad you got a happy Mother´s Day after all.
    The pictures are great! What a lovely family you have!
    So great to see all the kids so creative! no secret where the talent come from......
    In the end it became a day you can look back with a good feeling!
    Love the flowers you bought!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Lynn. What a wonderful way to spend your day!

  4. What a perfect and beautiful day for all!!

  5. Cris, yes the weekend turned out to be a very good one all around.
    GDs art already surpasses mine! ;-)
    She even knew to 'shade one of the figures in a drawing she did yesterday... She is getting some good instruction at her pre school.

    Marianne, thanks. Yes, nice family.
    Those are Terry Busse flowers. See more here tomorrow.

    Chris, it was good.

    Teri C. yes it was!

  6. sounds and looks like a wonderful family gathering.


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