Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday's Art Supply Bonanza; and Diane's Quilts AND Happy Cactus Monday

I told you yesterday that on our way home we stopped at two art supply stores. I had a book and a list and went a bit crazy. It was nice to be in stores that carried better brands than Michael's and to get some quality products. The book I took in with me is one I bought several months ago and have been drooling over it all weekend wanting to make some of the embellishments in it. The book by Sherrill Kahn is Creative Embellishments for Paper, Jewelry, Fabric and More. Her work is to die for. Some of the products I picked up are:100 Chenille Stems; Jacquard Textile paints in 9 colors!; a tube of Art Emboss Aluminum, extra soft embossing metal; 11 Tee Juice Fineliner and thick marking pens for fabric by Jacquard; four Design kneaded rubber erasers for making stamps; three colors of Color Box pigment stamp pads; a packet of 1/2" letter stencils; three sizes of Crystal Clear plastic bags/envelopes for making fabric art embellishments to add to art quilts; a packet of smooth surface artist trading card paper; a packet of ATC sized cellophane bags for mailing ATCs. I also needed Shrink Wrap and asked for it at both stores. They didn't have any but the nice guy working at one of the stores offered to give me a huge armload full that he was going to throw away!!! Wow, what a lifetime supply this is! Thank you nice guy! I now need a heat gun for a lot of my planned projects. Neither store had one. DH thinks he knows where I can get one. Or I'll order on line at the suggested source mentioned in Kahns' book. On Saturday morning before I knew my brother was ill I had driven to Davis to pick up my friend Diane so we could go to the art fair together. But first I stayed to see her latest quilts. Diane is a quilter of MANY YEARS experience. She does most by hand. Some by machine and all of her art is awesome to behold. Beautiful work. Here are just a few. Tomorrow I will post Terry Busse's art display at the fair. Oh, and happy Cactus Monday lest I forget! How could I? Another cactus compliments of cousin Judy's garden!


  1. never heard of half these arty thing before. wow. and what superb quilts....whew. yours are as good grannie lynnie. hcm and there is an award for you on my blog fellow cactuteer.

  2. Oh what fun you had! Can't wait to see what you make from all those art supplies! I ordered a few of Kohn's books on Amazon used after you mentioned them. Thanks for passing her on! I have been using a book by Chris Cozen on Altered Surfaces and it too is amazing.

    Please check out my blog as I am giving away a painting this week and ACEOS!

  3. I'm drooling over your art supplies. I can't wait to see what you create with these. You should be able to find a heat gun at the hardware store. You should think about getting a respirator to go along with the heat gun or work outside with a fan to pull the fumes away from your face.

  4. I just love your list of new art materials! HCM!!

  5. Oh how fun to get to an Art store of quality. I miss that here. All we have is a small Michaels with nothing much. ATC cards cut and covers? NOT HERE. I didnt even know they had them till they started coming to me in the cute little see thru envelopes.
    Lovely Quilts of Dianes. wow. She IS good.
    The Cactus is cute. looks like a fish with its mouth open.
    and more to come? Wow. a great weekend. Great because your Brother is OK for the moment.

  6. soul you are too kind. I do thank you! thanks for the award too.

    Cori, am sure you will love the books. I do mine. Good idea finding them used on Amazon.
    Did check your blog...great stuff.

    Chris, thanks for the tips. I am listening to you closely.

    Messyfish, aren't they great.

    Cris, thanks, yes, Diane is quite the artist in fabrics. Me too glad Bro is doing better.

  7. What wonderful quilts Lynn!!! Great work of art.

    Nice list of you do embossing? I've tried that once but not wholly following the right was suit my own needs and requirements.

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  8. Hey...Is that you,Lynn? You look very cute:)

  9. I am feeling inspired after reading your post. I would love to see what you will be making from these craft supplies. Your friend's quilts are very beautiful.

  10. Deepa, No I haven't tried embossing yet but thought it might be fun...thus the supplies.

    And no, that is not me holding the quilt, I am taking the photo. That cute woman is my friend, Diane.

    Pea, I am excited to dive into them too...and yes, Diane,is a quilter extrodinaire.

  11. Great photo's in all the past few posts Lynn - gorgeous quilts and what fun you'll have with the art supplies. I don't think I know that book....Hmmmm

  12. glad you bought some quality supplies. they sound and look great. you can buy a heat gun in the hardware store. that's where i got mine. the quilts are beautiful.

  13. OH LYNN! I got your card today!!! Thankyou so much! I love the ATC so much!!!

    What a haul you came home with from the art store!!! I will have to investigate how you use the erasers for making stamps!

    Your friends quilts are exquisite!!! I like the "crazy quilt" kind of style!

    Happy Cactus Monday, Lynn!!!

  14. Thanks Mim, glad you liked the photos.

    Suki you are the 2nd to tell me to go shopping at the hardware store for the heat gun. Will do! What brand do you use, and what do you use to protect yourself from fumes?

    Julie, your ATC arrived in my mail today too! What a kick that is.
    California to Florida over the weekend! Yours is adorable with the snaps and I love the card you made too. Will post both before too long.

  15. Happy Cactus Monday Lynn and wow I really love seeing quilts. Acyually, I am glad that you are so full of energy ready for so many different art creations.
    Keep it up!

  16. You shud post ur snap sometime for us to see. See, I mistook her for you:)

  17. Deepa, there are tons of snaps of me on my blog...just keep scrolling backyards you will find some.

  18. It is exciting even just looking at art supplies like the ones you bought. Those quilts are beautiful and fascinating. Amazing that she does a lot of it by hand.


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