Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My mission on Saturday morning in part was to visit Terry Busses' art booth at the Whole Earth Fair in Davis. I was so happy to see her. This is the woman whose art I bought over a year ago before I knew who she was, then later "met her" in blog land. And later went to an art show where I got to see first hand her wonderful whimsical art quilts. And now this our second meeting. I wish I could have spent more time, but had time to scoop up a bouquet of her adorable fabric flowers and the charming HOUSE art quilt in the last photo of this group. Her work speaks for itself. Find her blog at, as you might want to buy your own art by Terry! You will LOVE IT! It was a delight to meet Terry again. I wish I could have spent more time there. I bought this wall art called "A House of her own"...Terry is sending me the story that goes with it and I will share it when I have it. The detail is wonderful on this piece. Lots of textures, colors, fabrics...simply delightful. So happy to have it. ************************************************************************************ I may not make it to your blogs today as I have to do my civic duty and appear early this morning for JURY DUTY. But I'll be back soon, I promise. (hope so anyway)...


  1. I had to go over to her blog and take a look. Such delightful work. I can see why you two connected!!

  2. Really beautiful, same here will pay a visit to her blog.
    Thanks and take care LYnn:)

  3. Some wonderful work here by her. I like what you bought too. I will have to go check out her blog too. I love her whimsey style.
    Hope you arent gone to long we will miss you. Your sewing machine will miss you too. :))

  4. her work is so colorful and HAPPY!!
    Wonderful whimsy!

    I love the piece you bought. I've always wanted a house of my own.

    Hey, I got your atc and beautiful card yesterday...thank you!! I want to frame the atc in a shadowbox. I just love the textures and all the things that are going on there. Thanks Lynn. I just love it ;)

    Yours was mailed yesterday!

  5. I like those long black kitties! :)
    Good luck with jury duty!

  6. Hi Lynn...Now I understand that you are busy...was missing ur comments in my blog:)

    Good luck for ur Jury Duty from me too.

    The work showcased here is WOW! Will surely chk out her blog. The one you bought is fab!

  7. oOOOH that IS so cute. I really like her style - colorful, yet folksy. I can see why it appeals to you. How nice to actually meet an artist whose work you appreciate and admire (and own!)

  8. Thank you Lynn for posting our visit and my art. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It feels really good to receive.

    I see why you have so many blog land friends - because you are so thoughtful and act from your heart.

  9. So so glad all of you came to see Terry Busse's wonderful delightful fabric art. They are so much fun to own too!

    And Terry thanks so glad you came by to pick up your much deserved kudos from my friends here.

    And thanks for your vote of appreciation to me as well. ;~)


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