Sunday, May 24, 2009

New ATCs for Trade; Wild Life; And Cris' Marvelous ATCS Arrive!

Remember the stamped Sunflower on my latest art quilt? Well this is an extra piece of stamped fabric and the top photo is the back of the ATC...[Goes to SoulBrush] And this is the front of same ATC...It is cotton, top sewn free motion on stamped fabric! Then I got busy on my felting machine using scraps from fabric, ribbons and threads found around my machines felting them onto pieces of craft felt. No backings on these, so they are light weight and flexible. Some are even 3 dimensional. Felted Abstract #1 [Goes to Lolo] Felted Abstract #2 Felted Abstract #3 [Goes to Teri C.] Felted Abstract #4 All four together: If you are interested in a trade please say so and email me your snail mail address if you haven't traded with me before. If you have I have your address already. ( ATC TRADE in your subject, thanks!) I couldn't believe the squirrel stood still long enough for me to capture both he and the owl in the same shot! Owl poses alone...thanks Owl.. And last but not least, Cris, Artist in Oregon's ATCs arrived yesterday! I love them both butterfly on pink cone flower... and climbing roses in front of a window. They are so well done, thank you Cris...they hold a place of honor in my ATC collection!


  1. you are killing me, i feel like a kiddie in a sweet shop shouting 'i want it, i want it'...stop soul, give someone else a chance eeek ---if no one wants that pleeeese, i love sunflowers....eeeekkkk. am i being too greedy?

  2. Your felted ATC's look good.
    Squirrel and owl in one shot, go on tell us how you brided them?

  3. I absolutely love those felted pieces. Later today when I have more time I will post some I have done.

  4. Your ATCs just keep getting better and better. Your work just gets better and better too. Thanks for once again showing my ATCs
    I LOVE that shot with the Squirrel and Owl in the one shot. Dont you just love it when you're in the right place at the right time and your camera cooperates for you? Fantastic shot.

  5. Could I possibly be the first commenter??

    I love your textural atc's so much!! I'd love to trade for the first felted one because I love it's off-kilter shape. I don't have any atc's piled up but I'll surprise you with one if you want to pick the subject or if you want me to choose. It's up to you!

    The sunflower atc came out awesome too! And I love Chris's, esp the window and roses :)

  6. Love the stitched ATC's, the colors remind me of spices. Oh, the squirrel and the owl, amazing shot! and butterflies and coneflowers...I should plant some of those, they are hardy1

  7. Oh, I forgot to mention the felted pieces! They are so artsy and I think they would make pretty brooches, not sure how large they are but they would liven up any outfit!

  8. Soft Plush
    and an owl

    Very nice indeed

  9. Oh GEEZ, late again and I want to be greedy but put me on the list for the next ones. LOVE those SUNFLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cris's ATCs are so wonderful and your photos are a wonder.

    Do you ever sleep?

  10. Soul, you are first in line so the Sunflower is yours!

    Judith, yes, it's true I had to put out special treats to get the squirrel to stay still...

    Lisa, I would love to see your ATCs.

    Cris, it was amazing because the squirrels usually run off at the least bit of movement or sound...this one sat frozen in place bless his teeny heart.

    Lolo, you get the #1 felted ATC!
    As for the trade, you are busy, but if you make time, anything of your chosing will delight me no end. Your art is all awesome! Thanks.

    Teri and the cats: I love your idea about the felted ATCs being broaches. They are perfect is size being 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. I saw some pins I should have got at the thrift store for that. maybe they are still there!? LOL

    Teri C. Is it the sunflower ATC you wanted? I can do that again.
    there are still three felted ones left.
    Sleep? What's that?

  11. I NEED a felted one. lol Come look at my ATC on Tuesday and see if you want to trade for it


  13. #3 if not taken, #4 if it is.

    I misled you, I meant next Tuesday. Have to wait now.

    Geez, everytime I see an ATC I WANT it!!

  14. Teri C gets #3 Felted ATC!

    Still available #2 and #4!

    Okay Teri, I'll see you on Tuesday next to look things over! LOL Such fun we are having.

  15. yippppeeeee i am sooo lucky, keep your eyes pealed lynnie, i have just done an african set and maybe you would like to choose one of them!!!

  16. I love the fun you are having with this....lucky girls, they are lovely. Hugs, Mary

  17. and you've been tagged...tee hee.

  18. What fun you've been up to Lynn! I love what you've done with your artist cards (I keep meaning to make some myself...part of the ever growing list!) and the owl/squirrel photo is AMAZING!

    Thanks too for your notes...your simple and sweet contact has meant a lot to me lately. Blessings!

  19. Lynn,

    I am just loving your latest work. Sunflowers are a favorite of mine. I love the Owl too.


  20. Lovely sharing and I love your felt piece. So cool Lynn!


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