Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunflower Art Competition, Sunflower Art Quilt Almost done; Playing with Stamps

Last Saturday, while thrift shopping at Right and Relevant, I picked up this post card announcing an art competition and art show in Davis in June. The goal is to support the Mental Health Alliance in Yolo county...a neighboring county to ours. One can make any sort of art but it must have a sunflower as part of it. Could I make an art quilt in time to enter it on Friday, May 29th two weeks hence from then? I came home and got right to work. I already showed you the sunflower I made using both my felting machine (felt, cotton and wool roving)and my sewing machine (top sewing). Since then I have added some more top free motion sewing/thread painting its called to the area around the sunflower. And Thursday night after work I came home and stamped torn strips of some great orange fabric I had in my stash (also from a thrift store) using the sunflower I cut from the piece of Styrofoam and my green and turquoise ink pads. I also added a narrow border or darker red/orange that was left over from the very first quilt I made in my very first quilt class (July 2007). On Friday I got up early and pinned the borders to the sunflower and sewed them in place. It is almost finished. I am adding some seed beads to the very center of the flower and seed like beads (browns and off white) around the quilt on top of the red border. I'll show it all finished as soon as I sew on two more sides of beads. I think the brown beads set off all the orange. If you care to see the details of the stitches click on the photos. And finally, this is my little collection of handmade (by me) stamps I have carved out of that piece of Styrofoam and various sizes and types of erasers using an exacto knife. Am I having fun yet? You bet I am!!! I wish you all a fun filled weekend.


  1. it is going to be, and is already an outstanding piece of work lynnie. sure to b ea winner. the colours are sooo deliciously african, tropical and warm, wow! and i got your atcs today and am posting them. i truly love 'em, the colours and shapes of the fabric art is different and refreshing. thanks sooo much, will send your two on monday or tuesday (have also lost count, but who cares, we are having too much fun!)

  2. What a busy bee you have been. I think your sunflower quilt is beautiful. Sure to catch the judges eye. Think your stamps are fab too.

  3. my gosh that sunflower is gorgeous. When you're ready to sell it, or big time trade it - I get first dibs - I adore sunflowers. It's really good Lynn - very very nice.

  4. i love the sun flower quilt. i've never tried making my own stamps and am very impressed by yours. they are so much nicer than commercial stamps. your talents flow into every area of the arts. happy weekend.

  5. Soul, thank you so much. Glad you also like my fabric ATCs. I put more in the mail for you yesterday. Then we will be caught up! ;~).

    Judith, I appreciate your comments/compliments.

    Mim, Wow, thanks, I'll keep you in mind...I had just told my husband I was hesitant to put a price on it for the show (even though a % can go to the charity/for Mental Health Alliance) as I have a hard time parting with my art after I make it. But maybe after a time I'll change my mind. ;~)

    Suki, glad you like my stamps too.
    They are easy and fun to make. You should try it.

  6. Lynn, That sun flower quilt is stunning!!! What a great cause too. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow Lynn....WOW!!!
    Great job on the quilt. I know it will take a prize!! And you make me want to carve some styrofoam stamps. I love the primitive look of them!

  8. Oh Lynn - WE DO LOVE SUNFLOWERS! This is beautiful. I agree with Soulbrush - SURE to take home a prize with this little pretty!

  9. To me you have already earned a first prize! This rocks!

    Whew! You artistically exhaust me..I am always treated to such wonderful surprises in each and every post!

  10. Wow.. this is impressive. wow.
    Its more traditional then you usually do but it is GORGEOUS. love the stamping of flowers on there. Great stamps. Wow

  11. I love all this! The colors of the sunflower are terrific.
    I got my ATC yesterday and will be posting it soon. Love the envelope and now I see how you did it.

  12. OMG, your sunflower quilt is freaking awesome! You go, girl. I can't wait to read what happens next...and for such a good cause!

  13. Such a BEAUTIFUL Sunflower...Great work, Lynn!
    You sure are a Winner:)

    Best of Luck!

  14. I LOVE the sunflower quilt! It is perfect for this time of year too. The circular free motion quilting you added looks great. The stamped borders are a neat idea. I'm amazed that you made the stamps yourself. You are SO talented and creative.

    Your quilt will help support a vital community resource. It will also bless all who see it with joy!


  15. Nice stamps and I love the green prints!
    So cute:)


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