Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Animal Wednesday

Here is a photo of Henry V, our regal cat, taken summer 2007 when I was making one of my first big quilts: Rose quilt with my first free motion sewing of hearts and flowers around the many roses cut from Moda 1940 floral print cottons from the quilt store. Been a long time since I shopped in a quilt store for fabric. It's still one of my favorite quilts. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. This is still my all time favorite Quilt. Probably because I love the 40ies Rose area. :) Love Henry here. He knew a talented master/mistress when he saw one. :))
    This didnt show up in my followers list. I had to come straight to your blog to see if you blogged something.

  2. Henry certainly looks regal and protective of that quilt!

    It is cat day today as Julie has a cat also lol


  3. I love how cats have to get right in the middle of whatever it is we're working on!!! It's their job ;) Henry sure is handsome.

    The reason I gave Emma a dose of valium now is because I want to make sure I don't overdo it. It's always best to know how it will effect them before you're on the road and away from your vet!
    When we drove from RI to here 16 years ago we had 3 cats with us. None of them needed any sedation, they were perfect boys.

  4. Henry V is beautiful. He looks like a big guy. What would we do without our pets. Big Hugs, Mary

  5. isn't he a beauty? so 'at home'. HAW friend, how you feeling? when do you leave on your hols?

  6. will put kate's 'book' in the post, i've done her page...

  7. What a handsome cat. Happy Animal Wednesday.


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