Monday, June 29, 2009

Cactus Monday: Card from Teri C.

Teri C. traded ATCs with me and I got this wonderfully done watercolor of a heart shaped cactus. How appropriate for Cactus Monday today! And this beautifully colorful splash of painted cacti card... The back of the card touched my heart with this personalized message showing it was made special for me. Thanks Teri. You are such a find of a friend! Lucky me!


  1. Wow special gifts for a special person!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  2. i agree special gifts for a special person.there are going to be quite a few book pages waiting for you when you get back...keep you very busy.

  3. great watercolored cactus and fun card.

  4. Happy to be with you all on Cactus Monday. I bought a little Netbook at Costco in MN so I could stay more connected. (Also because I want it as a portable/take home computer for my office to keep my client files more secure since the recent break in.) But why not get it NOW? It's a bit slow and a little frustrating figuring it out but better than not having it.

    Soul, I look forward to all the art pages waitimg me as I am full of wanting to create MORE.

    HCM all!!!

  5. That is gorgeous and so special that it is personalised.

  6. It takes two to make a wonderful friendship Lynn and the two of us have really friended. And so many of us on the web have created wonderful friendships!!

    So happy you like it all.


    Are you on the way home now!!

  7. Lovely ATC cards and how sweet to personalize it like that. Happy about the netbook computer. Yes it would be safer for clients. Keep have a safe and wonderful trip. see ya soon. :)

  8. oh this is excellent! you lucky one you!

  9. Cool gifts from Teri:)
    The heart shape cactus is so beautiful!

  10. Hi Lynniskynni,
    I love the heartshaped cactus:) it looks so three dimensional...
    And your personal quilt for your friend is like a song for friendship:)
    take care


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