Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This One's For You Patty!

Happy Blooming Tuesday to all! These first shots were taken in Red Lodge outside an art gallery where my dear H had found an art quilt show to take me to. I wasn't allowed to post the quilts, but no one said the outside art was taboo. Daisies everywhere I look, these in Red Lodge, Montana, for Teri C. And these outside the art gallery there! And now for Patty: Three months ago I made a small 8" X 12" quiltlet for the Art Quilts Around The World challenge. It could not be posted before June 30th. It's theme is "Connections". I used my life long friendship with my best childhood friend from infancy Patty, as my CONNECTION! The buttons also connected the border numbering 68 for the number of years of our friendship to date. Jacks was a favorite and much played game of ours so I photographed some big colorful jacks and printed them on cloth for the background. The clock face is our lives ticking away. The dolls are also things we played with as children together especially dolls you'd find in a doll house. This piece did not make it into the juried art show. The judge told me it was too personal, that the person I made it for would really like it but it didn't have enough elusiveness to grab anyone elses' interest. I'm not sure I agreed with him, but he was right about one thing, Patty Loves It! I put the finished piece in a white shadow box and glued the real jacks to the bottom front. The silver heart shaped locket is something I got from my friend Judy who has the Red Velvet blog, thanks Judy, it fits so well here. Love between friends! And of course you see Patty and I on photos on fabric at age five in black and white, and again current in color.


  1. I disagree with the judge. Something personal like this can make other peoples spirits soar with the feeling of love and their imaginations are supercharged with what they could do for their friends and family. This is a great piece.

  2. Aloha Lynn,
    what a gorgeous, personal heartfelt piece. It take time, imagination and a *fell* for the recipients soul to produce a labour of love like this.
    Well done!!
    peace, Kai

  3. ...oO( Make that *Feel*, my tying is terrible

  4. I love the piece you made of you and Patty. This was just one Judges opinion, you cant go by just one or two if someone else was with him... but She will treasure it for ever no matter.

    Nice photos.

  5. WHAT????? too personal! What hogwash! It is AWESOME Lynn. Beautiful. Wondrous. Gorgeous. There is so much love in this quilt.

    Thanks for the daisies and the beautiful outside art. Love it.

  6. and i completely disagre with the judges too. that's the problem with judging, it can be subjective. love it, but then you knew i would. how many years?

  7. This is a lovely piece, it is from your heart...but that is what we do. We make things that speak to us and hope that others see it and feel it. I think this man is wrong. Maybe he doesn't have anyone this special to him?????
    I felt it, I love it! Mary

  8. Oh, this is soo cute, Lynn. You are such a creative person. I admire that. You rise to whatever task you are fronted with.
    Love the cogwheel daisies and I LOVE the sunrise building.

  9. So fun & engaging!
    Candid candy cheer of you and Patty!

  10. Well it grabbed my interest!
    I think it is a marvelous piece but you had other pieces which came through though so that was alright.
    Wonderful pictures!
    And I loved to see all the details!

  11. Isn't strange how some people perceive art. This art quilt of yours is one of my favorites. It is so playful and fun. It makes me imagine all the years of good times you have shared. (love the Red Lodge & flowers too)

  12. Thank you all for your comments. So glad the quilt connected to each of you.
    Also nice to be able to get on my own blog finally.


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