Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marmots On Top Of The World on Animal Wednesday

Oops, that's not a marmot that's my DH taking movies On Top Of The World...we drove up this most winding road overlooking deep escarpments that had me hiding my eyes from fright but peeking out too to see the beauty all around Montana. Ah, here they are! Fat healthy little critters who agreed to pose for some photo ops! Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. Oh how cute...The Marmots.. Ok Ok DH too. grin. Better you then me going up that high.. I dont do good on heights. yikes. So I can enjoy it thru your photos. :)

  2. gosh I miss this. Is that snow?

  3. Marmots are cute. They are endangered in some places. I am glad you got to see them. HAW

  4. adorable the little marmots are! They look like they eat real well. Sugary sweet little fellers!!!


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