Monday, June 1, 2009

Cactus Monday , Hey, LOOK AT US!

These cacti are in the yard where we found all those art goodies yesterday. I love shopping in this guys barn. Some of the stuff looks like it's been there forever, and probably has...but he also collects new stuff all the time, (DH says he sees him at garage sales all the time) and I have the continual good fortune of finding it. He is so generous too. I went up to him with my bag full yesterday and he said whatcha got in there? He pulled out the box looks in it's emptiness, I say, how about $2. He has no idea what all I've gleaned. I tell him books, art pads etc. He takes my 2 and smiles a thanks. I can't wait to go there again. I enjoyed my long weekend...I think my three panel first page of my "Girlfriends Sketchbook" is almost done, and ready to mail off to Babs. I also made a page for Soulbrushs' book to add as soon as she sends me her first page! Creating every day sure is fun. Yesterday, Terry of A Chance of Rain posted about my ATCs on her blog. I encourage you all to go check out her blog. It's full of interesting posts, and she is a wonderful woman to get to know too. Happy Cactus Monday to all!


  1. happy cactus monday fellow cactuteer. my 1st page off to you today...hugs.

  2. There is a cactus like that across the road from us. its higher than the house (single storey). I am jealous of you been able to go to garage sales, they don't have things like that here. They have bazaars in the winter months but not in the summer.

  3. Cool cactus shots! And I love the sheep.
    "What are 'ewe' looking at?" LOL!

    Hey, my cactus atc is up for trade. If you get there quick I can send it to you for the one I just got from you ;)

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for your interest for trade. I have reserved the "cracked heart" for you.
    I will write you and trade with you when I am more free.
    I didn't even get to draw much this week. My music holidays only start next week.
    Lots of advance replacements to be done as my students will travel oversea....
    Take care and happy cactus monday Lynn:)

  5. Not only did you get great stuff from this guy you got your Cactus Monday teriffic photo from his yard. Cant get no betta. :))Got to go check out your ATCs on other blog now.

  6. lovely shots..Thats a huge cactus!
    HCM, Lynn!

  7. Hi Lynn. I'm doing the girlfriends sketchbook too. How fun!
    I just saw on Cori's blog that you said you were a nursery school (licensed teacher.) I taught High School World Literature for a while and now I'm becoming involved in teaching literacy to court ordered juveniles and also I one adult. How rewarding. That is just another thing we share!
    Oh, one other thing.....
    Have you EVER had a prickly pear cactus margarita? When we were in Colorado last year we had our first prickly pear margarita - and it was the BEST thing I ever tasted. I have since tried findind prickly pear puree and holy cow! It is pricey. Can't find it locally.
    If you ever get the chance - try one. Yum!
    Love the pictures of the sheep AND your atc's. You've been quite busy.

  8. Lovely pics Lynn! The curious look is so 'khool'! Sure, will chk out your friend's blog.


  9. Soul: can't wait to get your sketchbook page and get yours glued on to it. This is such fun.

    Judith, you will just have to plan a run to the US for garage sale-ing.

    Lolo: I got it! Thanks!!!!

    Yoon See: simply click on my ATC blog and pick one. Thanks for the "cracked" one for me!!! And send me your snail mail address please.

    Cris: yes, it was a big score day!

    Pea: HCM

    Cleveland Girlie: That wasn't me unless I said I had been a nursery school teacher some 40 years ago. I was then, now I am a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist.

    Your job sounds challenging! I'm glad you enjoy it. My DH teaches middle school.

    Don't recall ever having any margarita! I don't drink alcohol. Haven't for nearly 25 years now.
    But could try a virgin one with prickly pears.

    See you on the Girlfriends blog!!!

    Deepa, thanks for checking out Terry's Chance of Rain blog! Lots of good stuff there.

  10. Great cactus...but I've got to tell you...Those sheep ROCK!!!!! HCM fellow cacuteer! :)

  11. Wonderful big cacti!!!!
    Love the sheep!


  12. your account of the weekend made me happy... i always feel so energetic when see frieds are having a good time...

    what a pity i cannot see the pics...


  13. Great photos!
    I loved reading about your garage sale finds,,,makes me think of an artist's estate sale I hit a couple of years ago. Such bargains,,and the best part is that she wasn't deceased,,,just downsizing.
    I am working on my first page today,,,it may be almost finished.
    Can't wait to see what you're sending.

  14. aloha Lynn,
    Happy Cactus Monday to you :) Cute sheep..
    peace, Kai


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