Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Girlfriends' Sketchbook Travels: Bon Voyage

Tomorrow I will wrap my first pages of my Girlfriends' Sketchbook pages and send them off to Babs in Oklahoma. I have been stitching on them for several days now. It's amazing how bonded I feel to their softness. I see that I put a lot of myself into them and like most of my art they simply evolved without any plan. I used my felting machine, sewing machine, and a lot of hand stitching. I send them off now with a fond bon voyage to meet the next nine artists who will attach their art one by one to my first pages. How long until I see them again? I wish them a gentle journey and hope that all who meet them enjoy having them for a while. Please click to see the details...
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These are done in dyed ribbons, felt pieces, embroidery floss, metallic threads, wool roving...


  1. Parting is such sweet sorrow...but when she returns to your hands...such pure joy! What an adventure she will have! Enjoy! :)

  2. lynn, cant wait to see your unique pages in person. already mailed my little book to threads so things are moving !!

  3. Wow, beautiful!!! There is no doubt about these being yours.

  4. Wow first book page off and running. Looks Fabulous. one down and nine to go. :)

  5. Lynn,
    This is beautiful. I especially love the purple felt, and the hand stitching with the metallic thread. The little grape cluster is very cute. Did you do that with French knots?

    Babs in Oklahoma is in for a real treat!

  6. magnifico. am going to post mine now and your atc cards and book that have you lynnie lots and lots and lots. am so glad we are doing this book project together.

  7. It's like a fibre Lynntangle! I love all the hand work you add after the machine part is done.

  8. Margaret Ann. I believe you are so right. She's wrapped and ready to mail tomorrow.

    Suki, it is a different experience holding them and seeing them in person. I look forward to seeing yours. Are you posting them on your blog?

    Teri C. Thanks.

    Cris, Thanks.

    Terbear, the purple is ribbon, not felt, and yes, those are French knots...lots in gold on the center piece too. Thanks.

    Soul, yes this is quite the mutual admiration society we have growing here. Hugs...

    Kelly, thanks, yes, I thought that too about fiber lyntangles! LOL

  9. Holy Smokes, Lynn!!! I'm only just now getting over here and am I glad I did. This is some book you've got going there, girl! Who can top this page?? We will have to work very hard to achieve something equal to this. Great job!

  10. Katie Jane, thanks, but not to worry about being able to "top my first page"...I got Souls in the mail today and it is EXCELLENT!!!!


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