Friday, July 3, 2009

Car ART and Trip Shots Below

Several of my pre-scheduled posts did not come up as scheduled. You might want to scroll down to see them (trip photos) if interested. (July 1, 2 and 3) CAR ART: Before leaving home I felted a big piece of felt with scraps of felt and ribbons, etc. While traveling across country I have been embroidering and embellishing pieces cut from that whole cloth. This is the most recent done while driving through South Dakota...can you see some Native American influence? This is my first one of this series. DH sees a rabbit in a tree. I call it "Tree Spirit". What do you see I wonder. I love the beads here and I call it "Garden". This one DH saw a cactus so I should wish you a HCM. I call it "Fire and Water".


  1. Very nice. I see a girl with white hair with her arm out and a big blue bird on her shoulder. Really. LOL and I do see the cactus in the last one. Fun..

  2. I can see the native American influence in the first card.

    I see a person holding a parrot in the second one too.

    I also see the cactus in the last one. They are lots of fun.

  3. The second one looks like a girl holding a peacock to me!

    These are all so artsy and fun! The colors are so exhilarating!!!


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