Friday, July 3, 2009

Yellowstone National Park, Wild Life

Leaving the Grand Tetons behind us and heading through Yellowstone National Park. Known for their gaseous geysers... And how about this buffalo that had this meadow of flowers all to himself? Is this not the life? Even an occasional time of being "stuck in traffic" due to road work did not have us despairing. I took out my drawing pad and drew these bikes on the back of this car in front of us. I could only count 7 wheels so that is what I drew! We should be in Portland, Oregon today visiting my son...and tomorrow at Cris' in Oregon!!!! Here we come!


  1. i see eight. have a great rest of the trip and time w/Cris. neat photo through rear view mirrow

  2. Fabulous beauty!!!! Give Cris a hug for me.

  3. Suki, I finally saw eight too, but my drawing has only seven. LOL

    Teri, I will!!!!
    PS I am just on the last pages of The Shack. Much to think about. ;-)

  4. so great that you can still post and comment for us, makes me feel less lonely without you...tee hee. have a fabuulous time with cris and con.

  5. What wonders you have seen. It is the good life.

  6. Wow. That second photograph. I want to be there right now!


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