Friday, June 5, 2009

"Girlfriends Sketchbook" is traveling and the first page for me to add to comes from Soulbrush in London. First you see the back of my page for her. This is the page I crafted for Soul's book. I went for the African theme that she likes so much, and felt I needed a Grandie and grand daughter to honor her and Maggie Rae. Mine is made of felt pieces and ribbons machine felted and top sewn and hand embroidered. Next comes Souls first page that is a collage mixture of papers, fabric and paint.I like how the reds in her page blend nicely with my red page. I made mine before I saw hers too. And lastly you see the two glued together ready to send on to the next artist to add a page, Babs in Oklahoma. And then two packages came from London from Soul to me: Inchies and a beautiful card painted by Soul... More ATCs than I could have traded for...because she is so kind... Wooden clothes pins, the old fashioned kind I am supposed to turn into dolls! And a sweet tin for pins! Two Adorable finger puppets for my twin grandchildren and delightful tins for treats for them too. Soul they will LOVE them!!!! A beautiful hand work of cross stitch by Soul she has held on to for many years before sending it on to me... I do appreciate the quilt thrown across the chair! And isn't the spinning wheel charming? And finally the ATCs I traded for...again I love the African themed ones she does so well. A wonderful collaged ATC, more inchies and a wonderful mandala card made for Soul by Marianne. To say my cup runnith over is not even enough to express my appreciation and overwhelmedness of receiving all of these wonderful gifts of art. Soul, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. HOLEYMOLEY, to say you hit the jackpot is to understate it! Each one is so fabulous and so SOUL!!!

    You are truly blessed Lynn!

  2. Wow!! She did send you some pretty grandtastic things. I can see why you had to save a post for her. SB you are amazing. Lynn, You ARE blessed.

  3. Wow that is really a load!!!!!!
    Whaqt wonderful things!
    I love the african ladies making music! aWESOME!
    The page you made for the book is great, so is Soul's! It wil;l be lovely, will you be making as many books as people contributing? So that every one gets a book in the end?
    Well all those gifts! Just lovely each and every one of them!
    You are blessed!

  4. oh my god i am over the moon about your page, so personal and so you and so me! and my thanks to you too grannie are the best!

  5. Teri C...yes, I know...


    Marianne, yes, everyone starts with thier own page, rotates it to the next artist, and so on, so in the end your receive your orginal pages back home with nine other artists pages attached. You then put it all under the cover front and back you made. Wrap it all with a ribbon! Ten artists, ten books. One each.

    Soul, so glad you are over the moon! Hoped it would be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am so excited that I will be seeing this one for real at some point!!! I think mine will be finished and on its way to Kate on Monday. Such fun Girlfriend!!

  7. WOWZERS!!! Amazing abundance!!!!! Congrats on your large delivery!!!

  8. Fabulous, love everything!

  9. Speechless here...What a grand day of grand surprises...the sketchbook rocks!! :)

  10. Wow! There are so many cool ATC here:)
    Lynn you are so lucky!


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