Thursday, June 4, 2009

Abundance in ATC ART Rains Down On Me!

These three amazing ATCs came from Marianne. The top is "My Universe" and it's always a good thing to feel settled in ones universe. The orange background Cat is "C= cat" from our ABC ATC BLOG TRADE...watercolor and pen...and something (paint) gives it a shimmer of shine!) The third curled up cat she just threw in for me "because I know you love cats"...Thank you Marianne. I love them all. Lisa sent me "B is for blue bowl and her BIL Bruce who has a blue popcorn bowl with his name on it. Also from the ABC ATC Blog trade! Thanks Lisa...and I did not miss the B for Butterfly on your card either! ;~) Teri C. sent the "Turtle Planter" and it's simply amazing with all it's detail of drawn and painted design and the millions of little petals on the flowers. And Teri I do love the Zen daisy on the card too. I feel so well thought of by you. I wish you could touch and feel the fabric on these next two ATCs from Cathy/Cleavland Girlie. I'm not even sure what all materials she has used on this "Love" ATC. Maybe some Angelina fibers, maybe some wool roving under fibers...and precious small beads...all come together for a beautiful intricate ATC. The yellow flower ATC is also fabric and painted as well. Wow! Thank you Cathie!!! Kate sent "Life's A Beach!" which I asked for in trade; and she added the painted vase of roses. Too sweet. Thank you Kate! I love them both. And last but no where near least, Lolo sent me "Cool Cactus, Warm Sky" in her wonderful pastel paints and ink drawings. Double time as it's again reproduced on a card. I feel doubly blessed. Thanks Lolo. Such beauty!!! Two more packages arrived in my today's snail mail, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for viewing. There is just too much to put in with this bunch. It needs it's very own post! I am truly blessed to have all this beauty falling into my life on so many levels. Thank you one and all.


  1. you give as much as you get....we all luv ya girl. xxx

  2. oh how wonderful, lynn!!! these are all so gorgeous!! i am starting to think you guys will need to cover a few walls in your houses with atc I still need to post one you sent me while I was gone! Thankyou, Lynn! I love it so much!!! I want to try and do some fabric ones...gonna give it a go hopefully by Sunday afternoon!

  3. I was telling Margaret that these posts are like show and tell in school!! I love seeing people display what they got. What fun!!

    You have some real beauties!

    I don't have time to post this week. Busy playing tourist :P
    I'm still very thankful though!!

  4. Wow you do haul in the loot so to speak. :))Some VERY good Art here.
    Love it all.

  5. ... to feel settled in one's own Universe indeed.

  6. I think we both just left comments for each other at the same time. After leaving one for you here, I realised one from you had just come in for me.

  7. Wow, that is a mailbox full of wonderful goodies for sure. So happy you liked mine in amongst all those wonders. Love that curled up cat from marianne.

    Working on your lesson.

  8. Wonderful treasures Lynn! Wonderful! :)

  9. Soul is right!
    Lovely treasures again, this could get addictive don't you think?????
    mailed your two yesterday.....

    Have a nice day!
    hug >M<

  10. We are all so lucky to have found each other!
    Lynn - I will trade you that "running in circles" ATC for my little girl with a balloon and will put her in the mail this weekend.

  11. Dang Lynn!! Your mailbox has been overflowing with art love! Unbelievable these atcs are. And the stuff from Soulbrush - WOW. I agree with what SB said, you give as much as you get - and more!" So happy to have run across you in this big world.

  12. Wow! Another ATC cards flooded on you Lynn.
    Sorry for not writing to you yet Lynn.
    Let me settle all things and by a few days later i will write to you.
    The holidays just started but I remain busy, yesterday and today, I slept for half a day.
    Too tire...
    I am fine and happy now in action to reply mails and come to your blog to say "Hello"


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