Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grateful Thursday; E = Energy ATC; Relaxing Dogs!

More wonderful snail mail: Artist Trading Cards this week from Babs, Margaret and Laure! Such wonderful art on the ATCS and on the cards they sent as well. Click for details. Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful art with me. I appreciate it so much. This is my "E" ATC for our ABC ATC Blog trade. This one goes to Gina. E = Energy is a flurry of machine felting and top sewing of bits and pieces of felt, ribbon and threads on white batting. Chaotic, crazy, frenzy of stitches that just epitomized my ENERGY that goes into all my art pieces. A True Dog Story Yesterday a new client came in for her second visit. She had been in a bad car accident and had anxiety, her reason for coming to see me. I gave her a CD with my original Relaxation Exercise on it at our first visit. (Same one I have sent to some of you). Well this woman has two large Afghan dogs. She said the dogs took to my voice immediately and now every time she puts on the CD the dogs hear me and come into room plop down on the floor on their backs with legs akimbo and lay in this relaxed dog/yoga position until it is over. I just loved hearing this. such a compliment and proof positive that the exercise works! Even for dogs. So, now am I a dog whisperer?


  1. love 'em all, and that energy one sure is energetic. love it too.

    yes you are now a dog tamer...can i send my lion over to you?

  2. well - that is hysterical! you should contact Cesar and send him a CD and see how it works. You could make a new one saying "you are a good dog, you will not pee on the carpet" over and over. Maybe it'll work!
    SO funny.

    love the artwork

  3. Wonderful art and it is a true testiment that your cd works. Dogs don't lie.

  4. so funny abt the dogs, but glad of the reminder about the CD. I put it aside and forgot about it now will play it some more. LovelyATC

  5. These ATCs are all great. Such fun to see. I LOVE the dog story. You have a soothing voice. Just think, you could probably tame a wild dog better the the Dog whisperer. :))

  6. very cool cards!
    Your "E" is exciting!

    I just mailed your "J" but please don't post it until the "J" week. I only sent it because it's done and I'm moving ;)

    Cesar has nothing on you!

  7. You got some good atc's there. The dog story is just great. You must have a very soothing voice.

  8. I must of missed the CD, But I love the story. And your new header is beautiful.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  9. I love your work, so much colour and variety, thanks for sharing.

  10. Dog whisperer indeed! Have you tried the CD on Henry?

  11. beautiful true story... wish i could hear your voice...

    perhaps a crow whisperer too!

  12. HB: If you would like a Relaxation CD with my voice, I would happily send it to you. Email me an address where to mail it.


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