Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Owls On Animal Wednesday

Last Saturday we visited our burrowing owls again...they said to say hi to all of you here. I am adding an Owl Series to my Photo Card stock now as I have quite a collection. Interested? Order via email. I'll post them with my other cards for sale. An elder cousin sent me this link to a beautiful U-Tube dance you might like to see HERE.


  1. your cards are becoming famous, as they circulate round the globe. what an eye you have for beauty. haw friend.

  2. I love these guys and it's so great that you can take close up's of them. HAW to you and the owls

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous, photos. W have owls here but I could never get up close enough for a photo shoot.

  4. those owls are really cute. who?

  5. Here's looking at you.......
    Amazing how you cab get that close and he sees you and doesn't fly away!
    Must be so exciting!
    The squirrel is so cute too!


  6. These are great. I love those little owls. Love the Squirrel shot too. They will make a great series.

  7. Many of you mention how fortunate we are being able to get so close to take these photos of the owls and squirrels. We do just drive right up to the curb a few feet from where they are at their burrowing holes. AND I have a great camera that allows me (after I open the car window) to zoom it in for a very close up shot. After I get them home I am able to crop them even further using Picasa making them even closer up for you to see the wonderful details of their feathers, eyes, etc.

    Now you know the magic of my photography!
    It's a Fuji FinePix S700 with 10 X optical zoom; 7.1 megapixels.

  8. I LOVE the one where the owl is peeking through the grass!

    A+ on the link! lol


  9. Lynn, you should set up an Etsy shop. I sell a lot of cards there and it's FREE and easy! Well, they charge 10 cents per listing and take a few pennies from each sale.
    There are a few quilters on there who sell quilted postcards and your's are better!

    I adore these burrowing owls. I want one;)

  10. I like your new header!

    Boy, those owls let you get pretty close! Nice photos.

  11. Simply stunning!
    I'm sure your cards would do well on Etsy!

  12. BTW I like your new heading. When did you do that one?

  13. Fabulous photos...ditto on the new header! :)

  14. Something about "your' owls is some calming...I understand why they are called "wise"...

    Amazing video link, too!


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