Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday and Bobbin Thread ATCs

I took this photo at the farmers market last Saturday: A blooming Artichoke! Many of you liked the texture of the Cactus pic I produced yesterday by using Knit Cro-Sheen thread in the bobbin of my sewing machine. Before doing the cactus I made a large practice sheet (this is sewing on the wrong side with regular thread and finding the texture on the flip side)... Well today I cut up the practice sheet into many smaller pieces that measured 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches just right for Artist Trading Cards. These are done on light gray felt. Then I got out the fabric paints and added color around the stitches. I'll move them over to my ATC BLOG for trading. (Thanks Teri C. I think I may have done the link right this time!) :-) Happy Blooming Tuesday!


  1. OMG! These are really amazing and cool!!! I love them all!!!

    Happy Tuesday, Lynn!!!

  2. OMG! these are really beautiful Lynn! You are just amazing with that machine!!

    Your link worked!! YAY for you!!! lol

    Just to make the day complete, I got in here without any trouble at all.

  3. Oh I love the hearts one. Had I had something for trading I would have picked that one.
    Practice?? Nothing goes to waste for you does it? Not even practice things. LOL

  4. Julie thanks.

    Teri, glad you didn't have to break down the door to get in today!

    Cris, you may have the heart one just for being a good friend!

  5. don't know what to say...i could have them all, but alas no, i won't...great mate.

  6. there's a new award for you over on my blog lynnie.

  7. Wow so brave to put your scissors in something so beautiful.....but the ATC's turned out so pretty!
    The blooming artichoke is magical!
    Lolo did some very beautiful art with artichoke as well. What a great plant!
    Thanks for all this eye candy!

  8. I love artichoke blossoms! Did you see the one I posted one Blooming Tuesday not long ago?

    These atc's are the bees knees!!
    You are so very creative, I swear.

  9. These are so pretty, Lynn. A really great idea!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous. Your practice is my hearts desire as a finish. Ha... Just wonderful.

  11. These are amazing! So much texture!

    Love your new header, reminds me of a mexican tile in a way


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