Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday: Reverse Sewing, Thick Threads

Happy Cactus Monday... All day Sunday, between cleaning house, which I did with a vengeance all day long, I also practiced the new technique at my sewing machine I learned on Friday from Marjan. The technique is to put the thick Knit Cro-Sheen cotton thread in the bobbin of my machine and sew on the reverse/wrong side of my piece with regular thread. Thus having the thick thread show on the opposite/right side. (It's too thick to go through a sewing machine needle). I practiced and practiced on a big double sheet of gray felt. Then when I saw Teri C.'s colorful cactus posted already I remembered that I needed something for Cactus Monday. So I quickly cut out a small rectangle of double felt and got to work using my new technique! When done with it I turned the piece over and did a bit of thread painting using rayon thread in the grooves of sunset, cacti and ground. Result: A highly textured piece.


  1. yay! you did it. and what a wonderful piece. if it's an atc could we swap (again). i will put up my new ones in a moment too. love it lynnie...we are both posting for cactus monday at the same moment, but on the other side of the earth from each other, how cool is that?

  2. This is awesome! You do seem to get a lot of texture into every peice, Lynn! Neat technique!!!

    Happy CM!!!!!

  3. Indeed Beautiful!!! Thread detailing is so amazing, Lynn. Its a delight to see your works:)


  4. so interesting! you follow the pattern on the wrong side? or do you wing it?

  5. Very cool. I've always wanted to try this but I've been a bit chicken about changing the tension on my bobbin case.

  6. The result is fabulous. Happy Cactus Monday.

  7. Wow girl this is fab. Makes sense in hinesight to only put it in the bobbin. It was worth the trip to Davis even if you had only gotten this tip. :)

  8. Highly textured and a very successful technique, too! Way cool! I am completely amazed at how you keep up with these daily/weekly challenges! Hats off to you, my dear!

    I have been way deep in personal things, so please forgive my lack of attention with blogging. You keep on creating, girl!



  9. Wow, neat technique! It must be interesting to sew on the wrong side and then turn it over to see how it came out. I love the textures. :)

  10. Soul. It's about half an inch around larger than an ATC, but if you want it you may have it. ;~) I'm flattered by your asking.

    Julie, thanks.

    Deepa, thanks.

    Mim, I just sew/draw freely on the reverse side, make it up as I go along.

    Chris, I did not change the tension on bobbin at all. Not even sure I'd know how. Marjan said it WAS okay to play with bobbin tenion though if you want to. She also said fast sewing =short stitches; slow sewing = long stitches, but you probably already know that.

    Lisa, Thanks.

    Cris, I couldn't agree more.

    Kim, nice to see you when you are here. Not to worry. Thanks.

    Diane C., thank, and yes, it is.

  11. Lovely piece for CM.
    You are a wizzard with that sewing machine!!!!!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

    Ps I received your ATC's this weekend!
    They are gorgeous as always! Thanks, and I will post them soon!

  12. I never know what new thing I'll find when I visit!! Awesome Lynn!

  13. It turned out wonderful!! Love the texture and just the fact that you can sit down and turn out something so lovely on command!


  14. Wow! In midst of business, Lynn you can come out with tihis cool texture cactus piece.
    I really love it and salute your passion on art making!
    Happy Cactus Monday dear Lynn:)

  15. Love the nubbiness of this,,,lovely! :) HCM! :)


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