Sunday, June 7, 2009

Special Day Is A Grandkids Day

Yesterday we had a wonderful day with family at their house! Grand daughter wanted to do "Arts and Crafts"...I pulled out my bag of acrylics and canvases and they got right to work. GD is wearing a garage sale find hat that fit her perfectly! Cute! They had already been artfully decorating themselves before we arrived as this sweet leg shows: 32 tattoos and pink toe nail polish! This is my Grand daughters painting. Look how proud my grand son is of his painting! He did two! Mom is asking kids questions geared for kindergartners on a set of "Brain Teaser Cards" (another garage sale find btw)...she said they needed the one for first graders as these questions were too easy for them!!! They start kindergarten in September. ;~) Grandpa enjoyed sharing a big pop up book of dinosaurs with the kids, who delighted in pretending to be frightened when they popped up off the pages. Lest you think we just sat around all day, you can see Grandpa and Grandson shooting hoops! My daughter looking out her kitchen window as she and husband prepare a most delicious dinner of barbecued lamb, salad, fresh corn on the cob for us! And finally we finished up with this beautiful pie that my son in law and grandson made together earlier in the day! It was out of this world good, and YES, I had a tiny slice.


  1. Ohh Lynn, what more do you need?!
    This is perfect!
    I enjoyed the pictures knowing you must have had a wonderful time!
    So great to do all these things with your grandchildren and isn't it special to be so welcome.....

  2. what a simply fabulous day, filled with love, sun and fun. they are the age i teach....and will be teaching part time in september?

  3. That pie looks so good. A tiny slice?? You are a good girl. Thanks for sharing the slice of your day with the Grands. They did a marvelous job with their paintings.

  4. Looks like a fun day for all.
    Love seeing how proud GS is with his painting.

  5. Nothing better than a day with the grands!! And doing art with them is frosting on the cake. Pure happiness.

    So did they both inherit your creativity>

    That pie looks scrumptious!

  6. Marianne, it is indeed special and everything wonderful. I do not need a single solitary other thing.
    I am full filled.

    Soul, is your question mark after September a mis-write or is it in question?

    Lisa, I got so high on the little bit of sugar I did eat another bite would have sent me over the edge. The kids LOVE to do all matter of arts and crafts.

    Cris, YES, he was proud. He sees his sister as the artist in the family, so I was so happy to see him let himself go with the paints! He really got into it.

    Teri, not sure if it is a matter of inheriting it or just learning it from as soon as I could start with them I did. Mom doesn't have it, but Grandma does and the kids wait for me to come to do IT. And they DO IT on their own as at least mom supplies all the materials for them to continue drawing between visits. They also get it at school of course too. Lots of opportunities to be creative.

  7. Aloha Lynn,
    You are such a fabbie GRandma!!
    I love your Grand daughters hat, it's too cute!
    peace, Kai

  8. What a fun day! Nothing is better than being surrounded by family.

  9. Absolutely perfect day - just wonderful!

  10. Yum, is all I can say! What a wonderfully delicious day!!!

  11. It doesn't get any better than a day with the kids. you and I have something in common for sure. I always get out the large white paper and the kids paint. They think it is so much fun because Grandma's love
    everything. This was a delight and that pie looks to good to eat, but knowing me, I would have taken on a piece. Happy Grandma Day and many, Many more. Hugs, Mary

  12. What a feast...some wonderful good times and yummy food had by all! You are so blessed! :)


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