Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Animal Wednesday and Paint Bonanza

Happy Animal Wednesday from a flock of pelicans at Bodega Bay DH came home from the Thrift Store the other night carrying a caddy FULL to overflowing in acrylic paints and screen painting paints, paint brushes, an unused sketch book, container of silver glitter;Brand new watercolor pencil set and other odds and ends, a total of 50 plus paint containers some never opened...for a grand total of $5. The screen printing paints, which paint on fabric and paper, had an original price tag of $14.95 and are brand new!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW~ Am I a happy camper. Thank you DH! You are so thoughtful.


  1. HE IS THE BEST. Keep him! mine would never think of doing this. HAW to you- now get painting girl!

  2. OMG! How wonderful! Great find! Can't wait to see what you make with it all!!!

  3. Who can? Peli can. tee hee... Sorry I couldn't resist this. It seems that the comical look of pelicans always brings this to my mind. I know let it go... tee hee.

    Your hubby is a bringing you things better than jewels. Wow...There appears to be lots of fun in that grouping.

  4. LOVE those pelicans and your DH is the BEST!!! You two find the most fabulous things at those sales and I am almost convinced I need to start going to some.

    Can't wait to see what you do with these.

    And I finally 'met' Chris from Wisconsin and she only lives about an hour away.

  5. soul, yes, he is definitely a keeper and have done so for thirty years now! He's the same guy who googled art shows so he could be sure to get me to one when we drove cross country!

    Julie, me too!!! ;0

    Lisa, Peli Can indeed! LOL
    Yes, better than jewels!!! These are jewels to me!

    Teri, when you go you shall find!
    So happy you and Chris met!!! How fortunate for BOTH of YOU!!! Isn't blogland incrediable?!

  6. Lynniskynni, your husband is wonderful:)
    I'm sure you'll do something great with this stuff. Love your header(s)!

  7. Amazing how you both find such great finds. Yep he is a keeper. and I LOVE those pelicans. where did you take that photo? Great shot.
    Enjoy those paint supplies. I can see great work coming from them. :)

  8. Cris these are the same pelicans as yesterdays taken in Bodega Bay, CA.

  9. What a great find at the thrift store! And what a thoughtful hubby you have! Nice booty!

  10. what a sweetie!
    just back from canada - walked in to find SUNNY waiting for me.

    HAW and Hurray for me!

  11. Boy you always find the best stuff!!! I have stash envy. I love your queen of hearts!

  12. HBAW!

    And what a great gift!!!!! only for 5 $, you must feel rich with this load of goodies! How sweet of him!


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