Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Date Night:Irish Music in Davis

DH came home from a class he is attending this week to remind me that we had a date tonight. I'd forgotten. But we got ourselves together and drove to Davis to listen to live Irish Music in a small restaurant where the musicians played outside and we got a table right next to them. We had front row seats. We also ordered dinner. The menu was Caribbean. Salad was nice fresh veggies and a humus dressing. I had steamed Red Snapper in a stew of vegetables, rice with beans mixed in and some over cooked greens. DH had "Jerk Chicken" and veggies and rice. We were pleased with our meal choices. Not too spicy, but spicy enough to be interesting. The music was good and the musicians friendly. DH enjoyed it and his new Charlie Russell book he got since our trip and visit to the Charlie Russell art museum in Montana. I took out sketchbook and pens and later paints and drew and painted while the music played on. We reminded ourselves that we met 31 years ago this September in an Irish Pub in Berkeley! Nice to be dating again.


  1. lol...

    it's just one long date anyways, right?

  2. My oh my!! sounds great, dating nights! People do sometimes take each other and their relationships witheach other for granted sometimes...
    I love your quick sketches,it's a very good learning tool.
    By the way, I would like to thank you...I've just found out I've been blogging for a year (shhh!) You were my first commenter and more importantly, you're still with me!! Thank you so much for all your support.

  3. Excellent! good on you. Mr messyfish and I go on dates too...its the best way to remind us that life isnt all about "coping".

  4. Sounds like a lovely evening. Good for you to pop out the Art supplies and enjoy the moment fully. Great sketches. I can feel I was there.

  5. Wow Lynn, these 'plein aire' sketches are terrific!!!

    Dates are a good thing especailly after all those years.

  6. I like date night too. It looks like you had a good time.

  7. I love the sketches! Is the color watercolors? Really nice--

    Richard and I haven't done 'date night' for a while, but were pretty religious about it when the kids were babies...Your dinner selections sound delicious!

  8. Jon, that's a real good way to look at it.

    Jude, I enjoy your blog so of course I am still there. Fun to realize I am your first commenter.
    Thanks for coming to mine.

    Messyfish, yes, we must keep these relationships alive and well.

    Cris, it was fun, glad you were there! LOL

    Thanks Teri C. you know your words boost me high.

    Lisa, we did have fun. Tonights date is at home over Chinese Takeout and Bart Mavrick on TV. LOL

    Karen, yes, I have a very small watercolor kit I can carry in my purse. I used my drinking water for moisture. ;-) dates are important. Tell the kids you guys need a night out.

  9. Sounds great Lynn! And I love your painted sketches here, they are wonderful. A fun way to celebrate your time together,

  10. How nice to dat your own DH!!!!!
    We will go out for dinner tonight. The boys are both at sleepovers.

    Have a nice weekend!!!


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