Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Animal Wednesday Stand Back!

This guy (a very cautious egret) was blocking a path on the Bodega Bay Headlands and would not let us pass. Perhaps he/she was protecting babies we could not see. Nevertheless, we had to find another path to our destination. We were not going to mess with it.
Got up close and personal with this bird and it's shadow.
We found this guy in a tree. Actually there were four or five egrets in this tree. DH caught this one with his camera.
When you get done preening I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day too.
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  1. when you said 'stand back' i picutred a wild roaring lion, only to see these dainty little fellas...cutiepatootie...HAW to you dear one.

  2. You got some great bird shots here! I like the one with the shadow included! Pretty cool!

  3. You dont mess with a mother of any kind!! LOL cute pix.

  4. Great shots Lynn! I love when mother birds get all protective.

    Love that shadow shot also.


  5. Bodega Bay is one of my favorite places I'll miss it :(

    Great birdie shots, wow!!

  6. Very pretty bird pictures. And pretty blooming tuesday shots too.

  7. Birds just make me smile...I was ready for big-bird, but instead these lovely little friends. Thank you for the was fun!
    Hugs, Mary

  8. Egrets never let us get this close. They always fly away. HAW

  9. I love the second photo the best.
    Love the shadow and the pure white bird in close up!
    Annnnh, I am smiling!!!!!


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