Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walking With Camera

Yesterday was another beautiful day in No. California. I took my camera on my walk past this pretty garden...I love the delicate tiny Fleurette's that make up the hydrangea flower. This rose is starting to fade but I found it to be quite beautiful yet. Like an older woman perhaps who is aging gracefully (like moi, I hope!)
I do LOVE hollyhocks. This one in an alley is tall and proud and wonderful to behold.
I felt like singing: "Zippiety do dah, zippiety day;There's a blue bird on my oh my what a wonderful day!"
And now there are four playing "post cards" each to be mailed out across the states and even the ocean to my friends in my quilters group postcard swap. One more to go.
The new one is sparkly bright with sequins brightening up the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades in felt colors. Trimmed in gold metallic threads too. I call it "Vegas"!


  1. This post certainly makes my day. All the things I love to see, flowers, birds and art. I hope you continue to enjoy the day.

  2. Those 'cards' are to die for Lynn!! I absolutely love them.

    Beautiful blooms, I laughed when I saw 'in the alley' cuz that's where I always saw them as a kid.

  3. i am getting back to my daily walks too lynnie, good for the soul. lovely walk. and those cards are fabadabadoubledoo. xxx

  4. Love your flower photos and that is a great shot of the Scrub jay. we have them too.
    Your cards are so cute. I love the photo of the Queen of hearts you sent me with the ATC. Will post it soon. Thank you sooo much.

  5. Thanks for dropping by Lynn:)
    I see the reasons you bring camera along with you.
    Shooting great images especially nature images are so satisfying!
    And looking at those craft creations. You always got fresh ideas to move ahead.
    Thanks Lynn, you are my inspiration:)
    Please wait for a while, I need to finish up some more illustrations for you.
    Happy Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    What an amazing blue bird!
    Lovely photo's.
    Michala x

  7. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. Oh, and that is a blue bird, but it's not a bluebird. :) Glad it inspired you to sing, in any case!

  8. Very funny Kelly!!! blue indeed!

    Thanks all for your comments. Glad I added to your day and Yoon See your inspiration! Wow

  9. Oh how hilarious...the ally and the hollyhocks...same experience for me as a kid...The ally seemed to have some of the best flowers! Love your are so clever and imaginative! :) Great job!

  10. What a lovely bird!
    Great pictures!
    Lucky to see birds like that in real. I only see them in pictures......


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