Friday, July 24, 2009

Grateful Friday

Grab a seat and get comfortable as this is a week of weeks where I collected an even dozen pieces of art from my friendly generous sharing artist friends in blogland! This card came from Mim. Mim is very generous in that she supports other blog artists and she got this card from Fifi of Of course Mim and I have a sunflower connection so getting this particular card felt meant for me. Thanks Mim. [If you are new to blogging you can click on the highlighted names to get to their blogs and see art, and you can click on photos to enlarge and see details.] When Mim isn't riding her bicycle or kayaking she is painting fish! You can see a lot of them on our ABC ATC blog. These below are silver sparkling herring for "H" = Herring! I love it because herring is such a Jewish fish! At least I learned to eat it at my grandparents table and then again when I lived in Israel. I wish you could see how they sparkle in person! Thanks Mim for all.
This next pretty card came from Margaret.
Margaret has a unique style and she must use a pen with an ultra sharp point to get the tiny lines she draws to make her zentangle ATCs...
Don' t you just love this jumble of hearts? I sure do. Thank you Margaret!!!!
Marianne sent her ATCs in this adorable pink sparkly bag. It is so "girly"! I just love it. and her lovely note written on this Frida Kahlo post card!
I do wish you could see these in person. As the paint used shines and is sparkly especially the circle behind this beautifully detailed Iris. This was made for our "I" for Iris on the ABC ATC Blog swap.
This wonderful green/blue orb has sparkling glitter on all the swirling parts!
It looks like it is in constant motion! Marianne you are awesome!
This wonderful moon and stars ATC has glitter and little beads on it too. So much beauty that can fit onto one of these diminutive artist trading cards. It is truly amazing.
Thank you Marianne. I love each and every one. Your art rocks!!!
Teri C. sent me an envelope full of delightful ATCs, starting with this hand made card... Don't you just LOVE her "Dazzling Daisies"? I sure do! They sparkle in person...
and this is called: "To The April Fools"...meaning DH and me for eloping on April Fools' Day (1985)...Teri got excited about my jester from that marriage announcement and zentangled this cutie for us. We never got wedding gifts so I can't tell you how fun it is to get one 24 years later!
Look at the intricacies in her zentangling!
And then there were inchies in each ATC packet! How cute are these!!!!!
It's really a high compliment to make art in some form in stitchery, drawing, painting or photography and have another artist be inspired by it enough to create art of her own. That is what Teri did here once again being inspired by my photo of pelicans!
Hers are so cute! Thank you Teri from the bottom of my heart for each and every one!


  1. each one is personal and perfect. wahoo and you deserve them, you give and give and give. hugs.

  2. WOW what a wonderful collection of atcs you are amassing, Lynn. And that picture with the bicycle in the begining- I adore it. Memories of childhood for me. It's beautiful

  3. beautiful art and beautiful friends

  4. Love those pelicans!!!
    The herring ATC is cool, like all Mim´s fishes. I love to eat raw herring with unions! They are `new` now in Holland after the winter and they are very tasteful this year.
    They say with the way we eat fish (and catch them) we won't have any fish left in 2050........
    Margaret's ATC are divine.
    glad to be in such good company!

    Have a nice day!

  5. Are you sure it was not your birthday this week? So many beautiful gifts.
    Love that card.
    Love those fish,
    Marianne's are is so gorgeous.
    Happy you like the ones I sent. They were done with you specially in mind.

    Arn't Internet friends the greatest!!!

  6. Wow, Your mailman must be very busy with all you get in the mail. Such wonderful Art works. Love it all.

  7. hi Lynniskynnie:) I'm so in painting these days that I don't find the time to do much else, but now I come and have a look at this sparkling Lynn-artworld here:) And love the lacy things you made in the slide show:)
    And all the gifts here!
    Just wanted to say thank you for your comment and wish you a wonderful weekend, love, Andrea
    ps, I'm almost ready for bed, here it's 11 pm...Tomorrow morning I'll go to the market :)

  8. So many gorgeous treasures! And congratulations on your upcoming two year blog anniversary.

  9. wow, what beautiful work of art pieces, each one deserve a wonder.

  10. What a haul Lynn!! But what goes around, comes around girlfriend ;)
    We have all been recipients of your wonderful art!

  11. So days just come and go, without a lot of thought, but I think you will remember this Friday as being filled with magical art and friendship. Happy everyday, Mary

  12. Wow! All lovely gifts.
    I am so happy for you lynn:)


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