Saturday, July 25, 2009

See Kelly's Post and Lynn's Latest Creation

Please go to Kelly's Blog to read this post. It's really important that we all do our part for Global Solidarity with the People of Iran July 25th Today!
I used hand dyed fabric from Chris of Dyecandy
and hand dyed ribbons from Vivian's Etsy shop for lots of texture and dimensions
and a few odds and ends fabrics and threads that peek through the others adding sparkle
to create these swirling ocean waves with white caps and sun shining on the sandy beach
that you see here!
Comments welcomed.
Size: 12" X 17" approx.
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  1. you know my comment.....FABADABADOUBLEDOO.

  2. Wow, you got a double fabadabadoo from SB!!!!

    I love it Lynn. You keep on amazing me ;)

  3. You and Andrea are making me hungry for the Beach. This is wonderful. A sunny day at the Beach.. or a sunset?..

  4. Oh WOW!!!!!
    What a fabulous piece Lynn!
    You are amazing with fabrics!

    have a nice weekend dear!

  5. Thank you for the plug for solidarity with the people of Iran. And what a beautiful piece you have created here, so full of joy and life.

  6. Lovely. Very alive and passionate. Looking at it I thought I saw two dolphins leaping.

  7. All of the detail on this is marvelous. The sun pulls it all together.

  8. Thank you all for your awesome comments on this little wall hanging. I do appreciate them all so much.

  9. the wall hanging reminds me of the ocean... love it!

    thanks a lot my dearest Lynn for your concern... to put dear Kelly's link on your blog... letting more people know about Iranian people and their protests... this means a lot!
    you are always so understanding and kind... your precious words on my blog especially at this time really warm my heart and help me to go on...

    love you... a lot!


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