Monday, July 6, 2009

Cactus Monday From Our Time in Portland Oregon

We rested in my son's home while waiting for him to return from work. I went for a walk and took photos of flowers in the neighborhood that were in an abundance of beauty...and other interesting spots... Happy Cactus Monday...We got home late yesterday after two weeks of wonderful road tripping through ten states! I will be posting more and more as the week(s) wear on. But for now a cactus for Monday... And a photo my son took on his I-Phone while showing me the wonders of this small device that he can use to go on line, text, talk, all but sew...Technology is a wonder! We had a short but sweet time together in his home in Portland, Oregon. The first night we were invited to dinner at my x-husband's and his wife's home. They prepared a lovely dinner for us tired travelers. (We'd taken a wrong turn and our six hour drive from Missoula was more like twelve hours long. The second night my son took us out to dinner for healthy veggie burritos! Lots of walking in a section of town that purported to be New Orleans-ish. Fun and too short...but we were off to Southern Oregon next and our visit with Cris. More about that in tomorrows post.


  1. What a fun time you had!!! So much to see and do...and in so many need rest now, I'm sure!!! LOL. Happy CM!!!

  2. Oh love that photo of Fred & I see he found another Friend. Seems he attracts friends a lot like Annie.. :) Great shots.

  3. Sounds like such a great vacation - I need one like that also!
    I have the itouch but would love the iphone but it's expensive monthly charges put me off! but a camera, ipod and phone all in one sounds pretty good to me!
    anyways - glad to have you back in one healthy piece

  4. HCM. It sounds like you came home to rest. Ha... Lots of fun.

  5. I see new cards in the works. LOVE THAT DAISY!!!

    Great beauty shots (including your DH lol)

    How bad was your office?

  6. Hi Lynn, thank you for your gifts, I had received it last week.
    This is the post I made to thank you you Lynn:)

    I just finished drawing for Soulbrush and I will now move on to you, please give me some time. Thank you for your patience!

    Sorry to drop by late.
    I hope you have more fun time like this. It's great to relax and have fun time out with family!

  7. Wow what a wonderful trip!
    You crossed ten states, just like Lolo.....but you did it for fun!
    No nice to meet all these people along the way!
    Glad you are safe at home again!


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