Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Jester is My Joker

and now there are two... Yesterday, I finished my second in a series of four Postcards of Whimsical Playing Cards. This is my JOKER! First I copied and drew the jester from our wedding announcement card of April 1, 1985 onto drawing paper in my sketchbook. Then I taped that drawing to the glass door next to my sewing machine. I taped a piece of off white muslin on top of the drawing and then I traced the drawing onto the fabric using a fabric pen. (The glass door took the place of a light box) Then I laid it on a piece of batting and top sewed it using red metallic thread. I didn't break any needles and although the metallic thread did bunch up and I had to re-thread the needle numerous times it allowed me to do enough to get it done for his top half. I added Rayon thread on top and metallic in bobbin for his leggings. Less breakage of thread that way. Once thread painting was done I layered it on some thick felt to make it sturdy and more muslin for the backing. I added a border of bicycle stitches around the outside edges. You know, for Bicycle Playing Cards! Get it? Good! Now it is ready to mail. (I finished a King Card today too...I'll post him tomorrow! Stay tuned!)


  1. GEEZ, these are just awesome Lynn!!! You work such wonderful magic with your sew machine. LOVE them.

  2. totally incredible...magical hands, magical brain, magical machine, magical you.

  3. Fabulous Darlink.. Really tho you are getting so darn good at these. I am so impressed. Love them. you said mailing them off.. to where? do you get some back? I couldnt part with them. :)

  4. Teri and Soul thanks for your kudos. My magical head swells to great roundness! LOL

    Cris, yes, they must be sent off to others to enjoy. The purpose is a swap between women in the "Around the World in Quilts" group of Fabric Postcards having something to do with playing cards.
    So off they will go soon.

    I hear you though it is always hard to part with one's art I think. One hopes it will be loved and appreciated for the work and energy that went into making it...oh and the love!

  5. OMG, this is great. I love the bicycle stitching.

  6. Incredible cards, Lynn!!! You are amazing with a sewing machine! I would not be alive today if I sewed...I would have already killed myself!!! LOLOL!

    Can't wait to see your KING!!!!!

  7. I love your playing cards. I still have to come up with an idea and you are almost done. Go Lynn!


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