Sunday, July 19, 2009

The King of Kings

...and now there are three Here you can see how I put the fabric over my drawing and traced it to the fabric using the glass door as my light box The kings colors are a combination of thread painting (tightly sewn threads to cover a space filling it with color) and the use of fabric paints The Queen found her mate...the Joker is there to entertain them...and the fourth card is yet to be created. Anyone want to play a game of cards?


  1. These are FANTABULOUS. I really like them all but I LOVE the QUEEN of hearts. To bad you sent off the Queen..I would have loved that one.
    I need to do some more ATCs for swapping.
    Word Verifacation : seneless. ???
    What does it know. :))

  2. WHAT? HUH??? I thought you were making these for a trade with your sewing group. If you have
    ANY left, I would love to have one! These are so fun and fabulous!!

  3. What a handsome dude. I too thought these were for your sewing group. Lucky dogs who ever receives them.

  4. Oops! Cards Anyone? meant do you want to play cards as in a card game, NOT trade cards. Sorry to mislead you. It was NOT intentional. I should have realized that we who trade cards would read that in that way, not the way I meant it. Sorry!!!!!

  5. thanks for showing the process, very interesting, and i also use my window to trace up against it...tee hee great minds!

  6. These are terrific, Lynn! Love the 'lightbox.' I actually have a lightbox, but use the window in the studio most of the time : )

    I still owe you an ATC, and the person who took mine to show her art class comes back from her summer vacation next week. I'll post them all so you can choose!

    ps. I hate word verification, always try to make a real word out of it--this time it's s-u-p-t-i-n-g.

  7. I love your king too!!! Neat way to work out the lightbox thing...

  8. wow! Lynn... these are so majestic!

    i cannot see all the pics but the first one shows all the three and they are really really beautiful!

    you are the best!


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