Saturday, July 11, 2009

Owls and Sunflowers

On Friday DH and I were back to "vacation mode"... we are happy to report that a mere mile from our house in two directions we can find wild life and amazing flowers. The burrowing owls seemed to have squired more young in our absence and this field of sunflowers came into bloom since we have returned. The latter being appropriate as I get my Sunflower Art Quilt ready to mail off to Mim on Monday. It's on it's way Mim, thanks for waiting so patiently for it. And thank you for honoring me with your purchase.


  1. awesome photo's lynn - can't wait for my own sunny sunflower

  2. Oh Lynn I must say those sunflowers are beautiful but what makes my heart go pitty patter and my spirit soar is seeing all of those burrowing owl pictures. Happy happy...

  3. OH LYNN WHAT DARLING PHOTOS OF THOSE OWLS. My Cat Daisy will turn her head just like that one owl.. all the way sideways sime times when looking at me... so funny. I wish I could see them in person. AND THOSE SUNFLOWERS are to die for.. GREAT PHOTOS. Lucky Mim on getting that quilt. Enjoy it Mim.

  4. OMG!!!! Those sunflowers!!!!! :)

  5. I just LOL at the owl turning his head sideways. I would love to try making a quilt out of that picture! Are you willing to sell a digital copy and allow me to try turning it into a wall quilt? You can respond to me privately if you wish or there may be others out there that would be interested in buying some of your photos too.
    Great shots...just love em.

  6. OMG...a whole field of sunflowers! Reminds me of a few years back when on a vacation, we came into a huge sunflower farm in was amazingly gorgeous!!! It was a U-Pick farm too!!!

    That one pic of the owl with it's head tilted is pricelass!!!

    So grea tthat you can get to wildlife so close to your home!!! I think that is what keeps us sane, is getting to be around animal and plant life...the closer the better!!!

  7. these are totally gorgeous, and i love owls...snap. great minds think alike grannie lynnie. so glad you are feeling more settled now.

  8. Jan, I do sell my photos on blank cards if you want something 4 x 6 in size. See my side bar about cards for sale. I can put any of my photos from my blog on them.
    If you want larger we can talk.

  9. Hi Lynn,

    Nothing says summer the way that sunflowers do. They are gorgeous!

    I love the owl pictures. The owl with his head tipped sideways is SO cute. I wonder what it is thinking. You could have a caption contest. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Thank you for sharing your WONDERFUL photos. They are all beautiful.


    PS Please tell your Sweetheart that I have been busy relocating spiders. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. ;-)

  10. your three pages for the 'girlfriends' books are just amazing, love each and every one of them, suki's is my favourite. wowser and fabadabadoo.

  11. Wow! Lovely shots of Owl and sunflower, I like!
    Good night Lynn!

  12. OMG! Those owls just touch me everytime.....
    Lovely sunflowers!
    Lucky you to live like that!

    hugs >M<

  13. Gosh! These are terrific photos! I love the owls and the sunflower shots are great. You new header is pretty cool, too.

  14. Aloha Lynn,
    I love the two owls..great picture..
    with heads the size of
    thanks for sharing,
    peace, Kai

  15. Owls and sunflowers! One photot is as awesome as the other. The side view that owl is doing has such personality. Love those happy sunflowers!!


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