Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is one of many fabric ATCs I created while driving through the ten states of our vacation. This one is inviting you to see the others on my ATC Blog.(Click to see all the ATCs) A Funny sign we saw in Foresythe, Montana. We did not stay there even though it seemed a friendly place to stay. W.Clark of Lewis and Clark signed his name on this mountain below and it is preserved along with those names of many many pioneers who followed this trail. It was a beautiful spot to come to (again, for us) and to climb over looking beautiful prairies for as far as the eye could see. The cotton wood trees are fun too with real cotton growing and falling from them. I brought a bit home in my pocket. DH took us to this Law Dawg hat shop in Montana. The owner of the shop was so amenable, helpful, and not pushy at all. He steamed the hat DH chose to fit him free of charge! I think I liked him because he had a sewing machine. Fun to think a cowboy could sew!


  1. Catching up on all your posts, what great pictures and stories. I love the book that Sam made for you - what a treasure - she sounds like a lovely friend.
    did you buy a hat also?

  2. I just saw on 'How its Made' how they make Stetson hats. It is a lot of work. I have always wanted one. You look good in hats.

    I love this atc. It exudes fun in the sun.

  3. That ATC looks like sunlight. so was your Trip all sunlight. Loved the hat picture of you. :)) LOVE your new header.. fantastic!

  4. Love all these photos and places, but Lynn, that header is a WOWZER of a photo!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jude, sweet, thanks.

    Mim, Sam is so talented. No, i did not buy a hat, just had fun trying them on...

    Lisa, mucho thanks on both fronts.

    Cris, thanks for all your comments.

    Thanks Teri, a bit of luck in my own backyard! ;-)

  6. I like your new header - it is fresh and simple and nicely balances the other busier parts.

  7. firstly your new header is stunning. love the howdy hotel sign, and as for that hat shop, tee hee, i look stupid in hats, but you look like a real cowgirl.

  8. Howdy girl!!!!
    Love all your pictures!

  9. Hi Lynn,
    Happy weekends:)
    Over here is 1.18am.
    I am tire but I need to drop by and say hello!
    Love your ATC creation here, the beaming pink sun is lovely!
    I am now creating your ATC, please be patient. Thank you.

    Wow! The hats that you all are trying are cool! Wish Malaysia have something like this!


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