Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Carp in Stockton and Visiting Sam And Sam's Domain!

Happy Animal Wednesday...we saw these big beautiful Carp in Stockton at the big party celebration for my aunt and uncle the day we left on vacation. (I'll post more of that later)...but a visit to Mim's blog today reminded me of this photo. Our last friend stopover in Oregon with our dear friend Sam! Here she is saying goodbye from her back door when we left the next day. Sam(atha) has been our friend since the late 1970's...She was Jim's wife (our friend who died last year), and Abby's mom (the young woman I made the quilt for from her dad's collection of Hawaiian shirts)...We've been celebrating the Fourth of July with them since well since forever. This year was no difference, except Jim wasn't there and there was no singing and guitar playing. We went to the small townships HUGE fireworks display after having eaten a fun/delicious picnic dinner out in Sam's yard. I took my camera around the house outside and shot all of her yard art of which there is some at every turn.


  1. Great photos. Sams place looks charming and more rural then ours. How fun to see all the yard art.
    This didnt show up on my dashboard I had to go right to your blog.
    Thanks for sharing these Photos. I will go back and enlarge every photo too.

  2. love the one of you all in the mirror. wow you have had your friends for many years, so lucky. what a lot of really interesting pics. how are you settling back home again?

  3. Cris, I see lots of similiarities in yours and Sams home. Especially the colors!

    Soul, I am adjusting to being at home/work/with some frustrations (computers) and joys (cat/house/got sewing machine from maintenance today!) Yes, We are blessed with good friends!

  4. PS Soul, that "mirror" shot is the car window!!!

  5. Good to see such a precious friend and her surrounds. The photos are very artful specially the bike.

  6. What a beautiful artsy and comfortable, for sure...lots of love there! Love all her flowers too!

  7. Wow! I love you share your stories here with the greatest joy.
    Look at the laughter....Wow! So contented and satisfying!
    The coi fishes and blooms are amazingly beautiful!

    I hope you understand Lynn, I am following so many blogs now, I am definitely following you and your entries but I can't drop by everyday, please forgive me.


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