Thursday, August 27, 2009

ABC ATCs and Playing Card Post Cards on Grateful Thursday

Laure drew and painted this delightful "L" for Lynn,
as her ABC Artist Trading Card
for this week!And it came in this printed card which she also painted:
an original watercolor painting called
Pink Spring Tulips
Thank you Laure for both.
I greatly appreciate your art, especially the personal touch for me.
Next came this delicious "N" for "Naughty but Nice from
Gina (BT) in County Clare Ireland!
Also for the ABC ATC Swap.
If this does not make you drool I don't know what will!
Great texture, color, and shine!
Thank you Gina! I do love it.
Then came the " Queen of Heart Returns"
from and by Chris of Shady Grove...or as she said on the postcard
"Greetings from wonderland!" This post card is fabric, with wonderful art by Chris,
the card traveled naked and arrived clean.
She is quite the Queen Chris, I do love her and appreciate your art work here.
Another Queen of Hearts came from Linda in Australia, also from our
Quilts Around the World group and post card swap.
Unfortunately traveling naked let this one get a bit soiled.
But it still a terrific card.
Thanks Linda!
Chloe in the same group, made me a two of diamonds on nicely top sewn fabric
arrived all the way from Australia as well...
Thanks Chloe I like your post card very much indeed!
And finally Marian also from the Quilts Around the World group
sent me this lovely Ace of Hearts with
lots of texture in her top sewing and the sparkle of
metallic threads!
Thanks you Marian it's a keeper!
So lots to be grateful for this week for art from my blog friends my grandchildren started kindergarten yesterday my older grand daughter is off looking at potential colleges on the east coast I have a date next week with my dear friend Patty to look forward to and a tooth to be pulled that will stop a long history of food in a pocket causing pain funny thing to be grateful for maybe but being pain free is a big deal even if it means a little bit of a scary process to get there. lol signed chicken little and
Happy Grateful Thursday


  1. You got some very nice ATCs here. I cant believe the cards coming sans envelopes mostly got there dirt free. Amazing. Bummer about the Tooth but bet it will be less painful in the long run. Hope The Twins did well on their first day of School.

  2. Haha being grateful for going to the dentist....... I like that one!
    Your ATC's are great!
    So nice you got the L!
    I will try to send you your ATC today!


  3. these are fantabulous. (my new word) quaint and unique, like no others. there is another quaint one winging it's way to you soon, see our 'world swaps' blog. so your twins could've been taught by me, as that is my age group i teach...start next thursday, will be lots crying kids and even more crying moms.
    and don't even talk to me about the dentist! grrrrr.

  4. You have some wonderful ATCs. I just love the postcards too.

  5. I had a tooth pulled a few years back. I had opted for no anaesthesia but right at the end took it. Really, the reaction to the anaesthesia was the worst part of the affair. (constipation, etc) good luck. think of art quilts and art works as you sit in the chair.

  6. Cris, the report was that the kids did just fine on their first day of Kindergarten. Having been going to pre-school since their second birthdays probably helped a lot.

    And Marianne, I will put your Orchid in the mail soon too.

    Soul, how great that would be for you to teach my kinders...I look forward to whatever you are sending me...and the dentist is a necessity and the ones I see are the best so not too worried.

    Lisa, aren't they great!

    Suki, I will be put to sleep for this event and I had two teeth pulled a year or so ago with no ill affects whatsoever from any of it. (Had two implants done).Luckily this tooth is not needed so no implants this time.

  7. Those ATCs/cards are just beautiful!!

    Don't even talk to me about the dentist. I had a crown done last year for the first dental work in years. And I hope for hears to come. They scare me to death!!

  8. Talk about a great stash of incoming mail! Very cool.

  9. I'm so glad you like your 'Naughty But Nice' Lisa. I do love chocolate, so it's very 'me'.

    You have received some lovely art in the post, I love the postcards, especially the Queen. How super. I do hope the dentist trip goes ok and isn't too painful.


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