Friday, August 28, 2009

Dyeing Drying and Pressing Used Dryer Sheets

First of all for over several months I collected a big bag of used dryer sheets...those white sheets that help keep wrinkles and clinging out of our clothes in the clothes dryer Then I took out every baking pan, bowl, frying pan, I could find in my kitchen... adding acrylic paint to water...
mixing colors...
to make a variety of
colored sheets...which I soaked over night...and then put out to dry on newspapers on my big folded open design table in the family room.
I added some lengths of white tulle and some paper towels to the mix too...
And got some pretty brilliant colors of "fabric" to use...
in a next fabric art project soon to bubble up from my unconscious ready to take form.
I also like these first photographs of the finished pieces. I think they are arty all by themselves.
I ironed each sheet and towel and length of tulle to set the color fast.
Stay tuned to find out along with me to see what they turn into. Have a joyous day!


  1. What gorgeous colors. It will be exciting to see what you do with them.

  2. Wow.. some pretty nice colors there. I too am excited to see what your clever mind comes up with. I think a couple of this photos could be cards. like the last orange one. Interesting in itself. Have fun.

  3. PS. I looked at the last photo and it almosts looks like an orange rose. :)

  4. You are just a bundle of energy Lynn! I can't wait to see what happens next. Those colors are just gorgeous!!

  5. oh my goodness lynnie, you never cease to amaze me with your talent and your new projects. these are fabadabadoo, love the colours, simply love them.
    i've done it lynnie, i've opened an etsy shop...still have to work out how to do a banner for it, and how to add it so my sidebar?? any help please??

  6. Lisa, Cris and Teri, thank you. I am having fun!!! And I have completed my first piece using these colorful dryer sheets and paper towels.
    I've even printed out a stack of photos to make into photo cards they are so pretty, the before and after sewing...both unique. Cris you are right that orange stack of sheets does look like a rose!

    Soul I have responded to your request via email. Wishing you huge sales in your ETSY store!

  7. wow, you are the most inventive person! Love these colors. Ironing?? I think its been years and years since I've ironed anything but I guess folks who work with fabric have to iron.

  8. Yay, so good to see "reduce, re-use, recycle" in action. Can't wait!

  9. Suki, one irons these pieces to set the color. It's more pressing of heat than actually ironing.

    Kelly, me working with reused/recycled items in my art. I almost never buy new fabric any more.

  10. Your imagination never is on holiday!!! Nice photos and interesting info...rockin' color!!!!

  11. Well I'm reading your blog backwards so I've seen the results already. This is fascinating. Does ironing set acrylic paints? I didn't know that.


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