Saturday, August 29, 2009


click on photos to enlarge and see texture detail What looks black here is really dark blue
This final photo shows the whole piece
12" X 10" with some pieces going over the sides
It is made up of a background of a paint dyed paper towel, dyed dryer sheets in yellow, red, purple, blue, and beige; and dyed red tulle. Of course putting red on yellow makes orange...It is then top sewn free motion style with deep red rayon thread, and then it is sewn on the back side with a gold metallic thread in the bobbin so the gold shows on top, but does not break when done this way. I then added a little acrylic paint to the top for added flames in blue and orange and yellow. It is highly textured.
I am thinking of making a trilogy at least, Fire/Air/Water...will have to dye more fabric sheets to get Earth.
But here's the first one: "Fire"...


  1. wow I like it. A trilogy would be wonderful - your ideas are great.

  2. This is such a nice piece. I love the colors. A trilogy would be great, like a fire hops from one spot to another.

    I also want to say I like the way you have arranged your opening page. I find I look at the slide shows a little more when I don't have to mush through them to get to your actual post. I also like your Etsy on the sidebar so I can see what is there without mushing through the Etsy world to find them. I guess I am not much of a musher. ;)

  3. I can see the stitching here. really does look like fire. Fabulous. How does one do AIR can't see it. That will be interesting. If anyone can do it you can. :)

  4. This is very pretty, and your previous post was so interesting. You are always so busy doing new things.

  5. what beauty, yes definitely a trilogy. xxx

  6. It's beautiful and a trilogy is definitely called for to complete the beauty you started.

  7. Oh Lynn, this is just fabulous. I love how you built it up and added the paint. It's really 'Fire'. What a great idea to do the trilogy.


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