Sunday, August 30, 2009

AIR and A Tribute to Senator Edward Teddy Kennedy

This is my second of three pieces done with paper towels and re-purposed dryer sheets both of which I dyed using acrylic paint and water called "Air". It is not easy sewing on paper towels. The background here is one layer of a paper towel and it is very delicate going as the free motion sewing foot easily digs into the paper and tears I had to be very very careful while endeavoring to make all these swirls in "my air" field.The darker blue parts are strips of dyed dryer sheets...sewn with blue rayon threads and then sewn from the "wrong side" using gold metallic thread in the bobbin that would show up on top for some extra pizazz and sparkle. You might want to click on any of these photos to see the details
********** Last week I walked past our local senior center and library to find these flags flying
at half mast for the loss of our Great Senator from Mass.
Edward (Teddy) Kennedy.
Friday night we "attended" via TV the memorial service for him, and Saturday morning we were at the funeral in the huge beautiful Catholic Church in Boston. I was greatly moved by the presence of his large family, widow, friends, past Presidents and President Barack Obama and his wife, our First Lady, Michele Obama. We both shed some tears listening to his sons speak and also to the words of President Obama. What a man he was. I am proud of his hard work for our country; and impressed with what I learned about his role as father and great uncle to the children of his brothers. This man taught a great deal to many and his shoes will be hard to fill; However, he left a message to his kids (and the rest of us) that they/we can do anything they/we put their/our minds to doing if we only perservere
so perhaps his shoes will be filled after all over and over again


  1. Air is so exciting. So much movement. Now, do you mount this in a frame?

    Senator Kennedy will be greatly missed.

  2. very cool work with the paper towels, etc.

    also, nice tribute to Ted ;-)

  3. lovely water artwork. i too saw the funeral and was very moved and inspired.

  4. done on paper towel? amazing lynn, you can sure do anything you set your mind to like ....teddy says. hugs xxx
    wordveri@castrat (i hope not)!

  5. love the piece - just love it

  6. I Knew you could do it. . . and you did. Great job.

  7. Love your new piece. I don't know how you do this, but I know it is really pretty.
    And Teddy Kennedy will be missed.
    I watched all the coverage and learned so much about the man.
    Have a good Sunday, Mary

  8. Hi Lynn
    I went to your blog true Terri blog .
    sense that I do visit your blog every day , Is very amazing your art work .
    How you can sew papper towel ?
    we here in Canada too
    watch on T,V the funeral T K.

  9. What a beautiful piece of art work... and made out of papertowel and dryer sheets!!!! wow!

  10. Amen to the commentary about Kennedy!!

    You sew on paper towels!!! You never cease to amaze me.

  11. Amen to the commentary about Kennedy!!

    You sew on paper towels!!! You never cease to amaze me.


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