Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Aprons for Kids on Bloomin' Tuesday

Happy Blooming Tuesday
Funny story: My daughter asked me if I wanted some of her husband's old jeans for the fabric. I said yes without giving any thought to what I'd do with it, but took them last Friday. I briefly mentioned that I could turn them into bed spreads for the grand kids new bunk beds. "No Way, she said, these jeans are not coming back into our house!"
Okay... So...Years ago I made jean-wear of old jeans turning them into hats, vests, skirts, purses, etc. And you know from yesterday that I came right home and whipped up two adult sized paint aprons on Saturday!
So on Sunday I decided to use the rest of the fabric to make two kid sized art aprons for my twin grand children. And here they are! this is a plastic machine that punches studs into fabric I picked up a while ago at the thrift store.I used it to add studs to my grandson's paint apron.
I thought my grand daughters apron needed sequins and it really sparkles with them now.the blue of this photo is the true color of the aprons...the next photo was shot at night under poor lighting and the fabric looks paler.Here are the finished aprons!
And they do both LOVE ART!!!!! I sure hope she lets them back into the house! I'll give them to them on their birthday with the painting sets I have for them already!


  1. wow they are gonna love them..when's the bday?? soon?wish maggie was old enough to have one tee hee...

  2. Wonderful gifts for the twins!

  3. Surely they would be acceptable now. Just marvelous.

  4. Nice work Grandma
    So much love - what a bond you are creating
    Bless you for teaching them the simple joy of expression!
    A small thing, which leads to big thoughts and open minds

  5. These are a far cry from bedspreads. I think she will think them adorable and let them back in the house. Love the B Dazzling. :))
    You get more mileage out of thrift store and garage sale finds. :))

  6. Soul, the birtday is in early Sept. I will post photos you can be sure.
    I did think of Maggie while making these...when she can walk! ;-)

    Marianne, Lisa, and Teri, thanks! Yes, I do believe mom will be fine with these now.

    Citizen, I do hope so about all you said here! And so good to SEE YOU again.

    Cris, yes, I bought that a while ago, and so fun to finally have a need for it!

  7. Boy, is there NOTHING you can't do? You are the real wiz with fabrics. I never would have thought of this in a million years. I was wondering how these were going to become aprons. Cute!

  8. OMG! These are just great!!! Talk about artsy! One of a kind handmade by grandma...what else could be any more perfect??? I love how they are each one half of one pair. Awesome!!!

  9. What a great idea! Your Grandkids will love these.

  10. Oh Lynn, you are just so creative - I love the aprons! So practical and funky. The kids could even decorate them further with fabric paint. Well done!

  11. Aww, Grandma sweet! I loved the way you teased me showing me one pic at a time and then the grand finale at the end! Great aprons and what a wonderfully creative (and sneaky) grandmother you are! Slap-slap-slap....the sound of me clapping for you!


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