Monday, August 24, 2009

Movie Uploading Tutorial For Soul Brush and Others And A Movie of Our Day with the Grandkids With Music

Tutorial for Soul Brush.

Question: How do you upload a video to Blogger?

Make your movie, either using Blogger or Windows Movie Maker (it sounds like you did this already)...

Then save it to your hard drive in Pictures.

On blogger open the icon that looks like a piece of movie film to the right of the icon that you use to add photos to your posts now.

Browse your hard drive/pictures for the movie.

Be sure to check the box that says you agree to their stipulations...(whatever it says, just agree.)

The video should appear on the post page.

Then it will upload...give it takes a while.

You will see a black box with a white arrow in the middle for a LONG time.

Really, walk away from your computer and forget about it unless it's a very very short is going to be a while...

After it loads you will see YOUR MOVIE in it's place.

I am not sure if there is a limit of size it will open. How long is your movie?

My email server just refused to e-mail a video that it said was over the size limit. It was a 4.09 minute movie.

I hope this helps.

I decided to post this here in case anyone else was having a similar problem.

My video of my day with my grandkids last Saturday.

Some of you have seen some of these photos already, some are added new,

and now it's to music! Enjoy!


  1. So nice!!!!
    And so sweet of you to explain how you did it!

  2. oooh wow! i get it, however i took it with my digital camera...does this complicate things? more 'idiot' help cute...thanks lynn, and btw, i see maggie on thursday, before they leave for a two week holiday at the seaside.... and she will get her 'ferdie fish' from grannie lynnie.

  3. Or, you can upload it to Youtube and save a lot of time,

  4. Marianne, I hope this is helpful.

    Soulbrush, just upload the video from your camera the same way you upload photos, then access it the same way I have explained here.
    You will find it on your hard drive in photos/videos. Hope this helps.

    Teri C., okay, now I need YOU to tell ME how to do this with UTube!

  5. You cracked me up with "whatever it says, just agree." LOL. I wonder if I'm one of the only people on the planet who always reads those Terms of Use agreements before clicking "I Agree." :) Thank you for the great tutorial!

  6. what is the music? love it! and it's always great to see the pictures again.


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