Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday and "Art Aprons" by Lynn

Happy Cactus Monday
Drawing with Sharpie Pen then Watercolor added. Done from memory from seeing so many cacti since starting Cactus Monday!

Saturday I spent the day painting...well first I sewed. I used recycled jeans given to me by my Son in law and turned two pairs into two art aprons: And it quickly became apparent why we NEED art aprons. After sewing them both, I took them outside to the patio to paint them on my table there.

No sooner had I opened the paints and started painting when I dumped a jar of green fabric paint down the front of my shirt and jeans! (Luckily most of it came out in the wash, as it was not yet heat set, as it is on the aprons!)

I share my adventure with you on this little video. Enjoy! And then perhaps come to my ETSY store for another look.

The aprons are painted with fabric paint which is then hot ironed to set the paint.

The "Wild Artist" apron has some mono print painting on it and is then top sewn free motion style. All fabric paints are Jacquard.

The "Love Art" apron is painted using Jacquard TeeJuice Fabric Markers and Jacquard Fabric Fineliner pens.

Both have plenty of pockets for your brushes, markers, rags, etc.

They tie in the back at the waist/hip area, and the waist band neck strap is very soft and comfortable.


  1. this is quite the very best one you have done so far. i love it. well done you!
    and i have just bought the 'wild artist' denim apron, every true aspiring (nutty) artist has to have one...!! love them. hows that for speedy?

  2. oops forgot to say hcm fellow cactuteer and also a question... how did you load that video on to your blog, i have an adorable one of maggie and can't load it to post, please send me 'idiot directions' by e mail.

  3. I love the Cactus picture. The purples in the background really remind me of the areas in the west where cactus are so prolific.

    The art aprons are cool. I usually need art sleeves when I am painting during winter. I ruin more blouses because I get my sleeves in the paint then don't notice until the paint is set. Ha...

  4. Soul you knocked my socks off this morning and I am not even dressed yet! Thank you for buying my "Wild Artist" apron. I will have it in the mail to you ASAP. You are too funny!!!
    And such a compliment to my weekend endeavors that were such fun. (Wait till you see tomorrows blog!)I'm so glad you like it!!! You'll have to post a photo of your self working in it! (I'll get back to you about the video)

    Lisa, glad you like the cactus and the aprons. I will ponder the making of "art sleeves"... LOL

  5. Aloha Lynn.. I was reading the post, then the girls are funny :)
    TY for making me smile..
    peace, Kai

  6. wow these are so cool. I love them. you are getting quite sophisticated with the video's too.

  7. Wow.. you sold one right away. how Smart is Soul!! :)
    Love the painting. wow that is your best. Great aprons. Glad you got most of the paint out of your clothes. should have had one on. LOL

  8. Yes, Cris I will make an apron for myself now!!!

  9. What a neat cactus painting! Love those aprons!!!!!!!!! lol, I just wear old clothes.

    Leave it to Soul!!!


  10. Great video and great art aprons!
    Thank you very much for the beautiful card wich arrived today! I really like it :-)

  11. The apron are cool!!!!
    Soul should paint in one!
    Great you slide shows have move to the side, now your blog is easier to accesss! (and still looks great!)

    have a nice day!


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