Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is a Beach! And a trip to the music store...& Shabat dinner

We enjoyed more time with grand kids on Friday at the beach...this is some of my art with the abundance of seaweed on the sand...
Grandpa and grandson played some catch...
And then enjoyed the warm water together...
The kids raced up the sand dunes...
Played in the sand...
watched a guy get a huge kite up in the air...
Later we stopped in to this small music store to pick up grandpa's banjo that
was there for repairs...
My grandson is very into music and was in awe at the plethora of instruments everywhere he looked...
then there was ice cream that had them instantly wired
and then they crashed...came down from their sugar highs and
took a nap until we got home.
What a good day it was for all of us.
In the evening my daughter prepared a lovely Sabbath dinner
and we sat around the table, two sets of grandparents,
two adult children, and two grandchildren
a lovely loving family
and a lovely loving time.


  1. You are having just to much fun. I love the beach, and the sand pictures are great. I think there is nothing better than time with family. Hugs, Mary

  2. This sounds wonderful Lynn - the beach and icecream is just the best (even at my age!)

  3. that sand art is fantastic, looks just like the kids. clever gran. love their batik looking shirts too, swirls of vibrant colours. those kids have such happy faces, and imagine having your own fulltime play friend living with you all the time, must be so awesome being a twin. happy day and happy memories to cherish.

    i have given you a challenge today- look at your 'o' letter and my comment...tee hee

  4. I like SB's challenge to you on "O".

    lovely day Lynn - what fun to be with the kids. I can relate to the joy, fun and exhaustion.

  5. beautiful. I love to hear stories of your family. so much togetherness. hey, those tie dyed shirts are so cute too.

  6. What a fun day you all had. I loved the photos. Especially the one of the kids together on top of the sandhill. That should be framed. What fun to go to the Beach and spend time in the sand. I miss that. You may have had to wait awhile but what a nice special day you got.

  7. What a lovely day you had. Thats what families are for, sharing great times together.

  8. Soul, the kids made those tie-dyed shirts at camp! I agree about being a twin...I see such a comraderie between them...thoughtfulness, caring, love, and yes sometimes fighting but I did not see that this time at all.
    I saw your challenge and will give it some thought. ;-)

    Thanks all for your thoughtful comments. We are truly blessed.

  9. Oh Lynn, what fantastic photos!
    What a cute couple!
    Priceless memories!

  10. hi Lynn...
    i went through your recent posts and really enjoyed witnessing your creativity and your love for your family and the world...

    thanks for sharing these with us... sending positive vibes to the world...


  11. Hi Lynn, Me again. Just saw your comment on my blog. I am working the summer season in Malia and everything is really hectic at home as my hubby is working also. I work days he works nights. It is coming to and end soon so should be back to blogging again more frequently.

    The Twins are doing fine. Their Mummy brought them around to see me the other day.

  12. How wonderful having your darling Grands and then a marvelous dinner with family. I am sure your heart is as full as your tummy.

  13. This is what family, summer and togetherness is all about. Your photos are lovely, warm and tender

  14. Ah, the best naps are induced by sugar crashes. What a fun day.

  15. Family, fun and good food - who could ask for more?!

  16. Sweet sweet photos!! I can see the joy on everyone's face including the photographer! lol

  17. Sand pictures are awesome these are very cute beach pictures..

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