Saturday, August 22, 2009

Art Making With Almost Five Year Olds

Today we worked making fabric painted off white muslin is taped to the table and the kids are using fabric fineliners and fabric paint crayons to draw their pictures on the fabric pieces... This is my grandsons big design that he dared me to be able to follow with my sewing machine Grand daughter used the fabric sticks to make her design...
This is a second quilt she designed herself telling me what to piece and sew where...
the center green piece with duck is plastic that I was to sew down with pink thread...
Almost fives sometimes pull faces when getting their photos taken with their wonderful
finished art pieces...
And sometimes they refuse to sit up but will lay on their bed with art laid on their bodies as human walls in a gallery of art...
Tomorrow I will show you our trip to the beach and music store.


  1. aaaaw look at those happy little faces, and the art is superb.what a wealth of experience you are giving them, and with such evident pleasure too. love 'em, they are such happy, carefree, very loved kids and that's all kids want. xxxx

  2. Almost 5's are adorable and delicious looking!

  3. Wow, so lovely this!
    They will always remember this day!
    It is great to do art with children!
    Your grandkids are little pictures of themselfs! Such cuties!
    Sure YOU had a nice time as well seeing them creating with them and seeing them so happy!

  4. they are so sweet. and what wonderful creative experiences you are giving them to sample.

  5. What a fun-filled day! You so rock ;)

  6. Thought I left a comment but quess I didnt. Looks like a delightful day. Love the photos of the kids. they sure are growing. You will go thru lots of fun atitudes as they grow. Just wait till they get to be Teenagers. :))

  7. Not only are you making the Almosts happy you made me happy today because I found that lovely card with a peony on it in my mail. Thank you so much.

    I love the "wall" holding the art and the "monkey" holding the other art. Sweet.

  8. You make me want to turn back time and order up a grandma like YOU. Gosh, what fun.


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