Friday, August 21, 2009


Last night DH took me out on the town (in Winters, CA) a small town to the Palms Playhouse where we had the GREAT PLEASURE of hearing Don Edwards Sing LIVE on stage! Don Edwards sings cowboy songs with a voice that is soft as velvet at times and loud/hard/strong at others...but always in control, accompanied on his electrified acoustic guitar that is pure magic! I put a URL to a YouTube site where you can see and hear him. You may also want to Goggle him singing a Coyote song. His voice is awesome. He is a humble man, a beautiful man...and this was two hours of incredible entertainment. I hope the URL works. I wasn't sure if it was okay to download a YouTube video to my blog and did not know how to do this anyway...but if you have to find him yourself and you like Cowboys at all you won't have wasted your time. And in the meantime my Grandma Bag was packed along with bags of sewing fabrics, fabric paints and fineliners for drawing on fabric; and my sewing machine to take today to my grand kids. My little grandson said his "blankie" needed mending and I thought we might do some fabric painting and maybe even whip up a few small art quilts together...we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned.
See ya tomorrow!


  1. don't know him...but whooooooeeeee here comes grannie lynnie, wish i were your grands!!

  2. hey lynn,

    thanks for the heads up on your cousin's poetry... had a look through what she has up on her site... WOW!!!

    and good to hear that you're out partying it up... will have a listen to a few of his tunes here now


  3. Sounded like you had a great time. Sounded like he was wonderful. Have fun with the Twins. Your Grandma bag looks like it overflowed into paper bags. :))

  4. yeeee hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    peace, Kai

  5. Fun to go out and listen to music!
    I will follow the link.........
    I know allready it went just fine with the kids!

    Have a nice weekend Lynn!

  6. Jon, glad you were able to check out Lisa's poetry...just thought you'd appreciate it.

    Yes, Cris, the sewing machine went and so did a bag of fabrics etc for art making PLUS the regular grandma's bag!!!
    Needed it all. ;0

    Thanks all for your comments. So fun to share with you.


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